Code Project Title #
IEEE1 Signal-Powered Low-Drop-Diode Equivalent Circuit for Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE2 Distortion Behavior Analysis of General Pulse-Width Modulated Zeta PFC Converter Operating in Continuous Conduction Mode (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE3 Full Feed forward of Grid Voltage for Discrete State Feedback Controlled Grid-Connected Inverter with LCL Filter (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE4 Control Scheme for Photovoltaic Three-Phase Inverters to Minimize Peak Currents during Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Sags (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE5 Leakage Current Reduction in a Single-Phase Bidirectional ACDC Full-Bridge Inverter (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE6 Pointing Vector Flow Analysis for Contact less Energy Transfer in Magnetic Systems (IEEE-Oct 2012)
IEEE7 Flying Capacitors Reduction in an Improved Double Flying Capacitor Multi cell Converter Controlled by a Modified Modulation Method (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE8 Full-Bridge Three-Port Converters with Wide Input Voltage Range for Renewable Power Systems (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE9 An Enhanced Micro grid Load Demand Sharing Strategy (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE10 The Method of a Fast Electro thermal Transient Analysis of Single-Inductance DCDC Converters (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE11 Buck and Boost Converters with Transmission Lines (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE12 Fully Digitalized Implementation of PFC Rectifier in CCM without ADC (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE13 Imposed Sinusoidal Source and Load Currents for an Indirect Matrix Converter (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE14 Hybrid I-f Starting and Observer-Based Sensor less Control of Single-Phase BLDC-PM Motor Drives (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE15 Design of a Five-Phase Brushless DC Motor for a Safety Critical Aerospace Application (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE16 A Single Sided Matrix Converter Drive for a Brushless DC Motor in Aerospace Applications (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE17 A Novel Slot less Halbach-Array Permanent-Magnet Brushless DC Motor for Spacecraft Applications (IEEE-Sep 2012)
IEEE18 An Improved Pulse Width Modulation Method for Chopper-Cell-Based Modular Multilevel Converters (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE19 A Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by Cascading a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H-Bridge (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE20 A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC/DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE21 Coupling Effect Reduction of a Voltage-Balancing Controller in Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Converters (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE22 Non isolated ZVZCS Resonant PWM DCDC Converter for High Step-Up and High-Power Applications (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE23 A ZVS Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inverter (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE24 High Efficiency ACAC Power Electronic Converter Applied to Domestic Induction Heating (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE25 PI and Sliding Mode Control of a CUK Converter (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE26 Analysis and Comparison of Three Topologies of the Ladder Multilevel DC/DC Converter (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE27 Positive Feed-Forward Control Scheme for Distributed Power Conversion System with Multiple Voltage Sources (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE28 Minimum Current Operation of Bidirectional Dual-Bridge Series Resonant DC/DC Converters (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE29 New Efficient Bridgeless CUK Rectifiers for PFC Applications (IEEE-Aug 2012)
IEEE30 Automated Optimal Design of Input Filters for Direct AC/AC Matrix Converters (IEEE-Jul 2012)
IEEE31 Predictive Control of ACAC Modular Multilevel Converters (IEEE-Jul 2012)
IEEE32 Flatness-Based Control of Three-Phase Inverter with Output Filter (IEEE-Jul 2012)
IEEE33 A Current-Source-Converter-Based High-Power High-Speed PMSM Drive with 420-Hz Switching Frequency (IEEE-Jul 2012)
IEEE34 Implementation of Fuzzy Control to Improve Energy Efficiency of Variable Speed Bulk Material Transportation (IEEE-Jul 2012)
IEEE35 Four Quadrants Integrated Transformers for Dual-Input Isolated DCDC Converters (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE36 A High-Power Input-Parallel Output-Series Buck and Half-Bridge Converter and Control Methods (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE37 A Novel Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter with Coupled Inductors (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE38 Method for Detecting an Open-Switch Fault in a Grid-Connected NPC Inverter System (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE39 A Novel ZVZCS Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter Used for Electric Vehicles (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE40 Survey of Solid-State Fault Current Limiters (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE41 A New Z-Source DC Circuit Breaker (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE42 High-Frequency Model of the Coupled Inductors Used in EMI Filters (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE43 Soft-Switching SEPIC Converter with Ripple-Free Input Current (IEEE-Jun 2012)
IEEE44 Non isolated Bidirectional DCDC Converters With Negative-Coupled Inductor (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE45 A Novel BuckBoost Converter Combining KY and Buck Converters (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE46 A New Concept of High-Voltage DCDC Conversion Using Asymmetric Voltage Distribution on the Switch Pairs and Hybrid ZVSZCS Scheme (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE47 Multi block Soft-Switched Bidirectional ACAC Converter Using a Single Loss-Less Active Snubber Block (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE48 Modeling and Control of a New Three-Input DCDC Boost Converter for Hybrid PV/FC/Battery Power System (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE49 Single-Phase to Three-Phase Power Converters (IEEE-May 2012)
IEEE50 Improved Natural Balancing With Modified Phase-Shifted PWM for Single-Leg Five-Level Flying-Capacitor Converters (IEEE-Apr 2012)
IEEE51 High-Efficiency DCDC Converter with Two Input Power Sources (IEEE-Apr 2012)
IEEE52 Single-Stage Boost Inverter with Coupled Inductor (IEEE-Apr 2012)
IEEE53 Multilevel-Clamped Multilevel Converters (IEEE-Apr 2012)
IEEE54 Soft-Switching Boost Converter with a Fly back Snubber for High Power Applications (IEEE-Apr 2012)
IEEE55 High Power Current Sensor less Bidirectional 16-Phase Interleaved DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Vehicle Application (IEEE-Mar 2012)
IEEE56 Three-Phase Dual-Buck Inverter with Unified Pulse width Modulation (IEEE-Mar 2012)
IEEE57 Position Control of a Sensor less Stepper Motor (IEEE-Mar 2012)
IEEE58 Stability and Dynamic Performance Improvement of Adaptive Full-Order Observers for Sensor less PMSM Drive (IEEE-Feb 2012)
IEEE59 Current Control for High-Dynamic High-Power Multiphase Buck Converters (IEEE-Feb 2012)
IEEE60 An Integrated High-Performance Active Rectifier for Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting Systems (IEEE-Feb 2012)
IEEE61 Operation and Control of a Hybrid Seven-Level Converter (IEEE-Feb 2012)
IEEE62 Generalized Analysis of a Multi state Switching Cells-Based Single-Phase Multilevel PFC Rectifier (IEEE-Feb 2012)
IEEE63 Steady-State Analysis of Interaction between Harmonic Components of Arm and Line Quantities of Modular Multilevel Converters (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE64 Analysis and Design of a Zero-Current Switching Forward Converter with Simple Auxiliary Circuit (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE65 Analysis and Design of a Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Interleaved Boost Converter (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE66 A Modified Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source ACAC Converter (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE67 Feed-Forward Compensator of Operating Frequency for APWM HB Fly back Converter (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE68 Fast Acting Regenerative DC Electronic Load Based on a SEPIC Converter (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE69 Time-Domain Design of Digital Compensators for PWM DC-DC Converters (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE70 Variable Sampling Period Filter PLL for Distorted Three-Phase Systems (IEEE-Jan 2012)
IEEE71 Design of a Digital Offset Compensator Eliminating Transformer Magnetizing Current Offset of a Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter (IEEE-Jan 2012)