About For Majestic Project

MAJESTIC PROJECT works with organizations to design, Fabrications , Modelling , Analysis and Experimental works in various Mechanical and core Branches. project solutions by providing highly skilled technical resources combined with proven project management expertise to deliver results you can count on.

MAJESTIC PROJECT will work with you and your staff to design a scalable directory strategy that includes detailed design documentation, a comprehensive validation strategy, and a mature deployment plan.

MAJESTIC PROJECT focus on development of projects for the Industries , Home Appliances , and Educational Service sector. The projects cover Robotics , Mechatronics and Thermal & Refrigiration.

we have a strong team .It is currently comprised of over 30 highly skilled professionals possessing significant industrial experience across various Engineering College Professors and Industrial Experts.Using Pro-E Aand Ansys we are developing lot of project with and for variuos Industrial applications. After deliver the project we also undertake the maintenance if the students needs.

MAJESTIC PROJECT is a professional engineering project services company dedicated to meet the exact and time-sensitive Mechanical and core branch engineering needs of students through proven engineering processes and rigorous testing.

We support Industrial Vist and Inplant Training to the students in various industries.

Were specialized and proven experience in Mechancal and Core Branches related with Design , Modelling, Analysis , Development and Fabrications that succeed by bringing in enquiries, which generate sales and are an asset to your Educations. As a Project Training Centre we offer a full-circle approach in Mechanical , Civil ,  EEE/ECE and core branches.