• CP001
    Mechanical Characterization And Comparison Of Glass Fiber And Fiber Inforcement With Aluminium Alloy (GFRAA) To Improve The Strengthening
  • CP002
    Finite Element Analysis And Experimental Evaluation Of Bonded, Riveted And Hybrid Joints In Glass Fibre Epoxy Composite Laminates For Aircraft Structure
  • CP003
    Experimental Evaluation And Finite Element Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring For Automotive Vehicle
  • CP004
    Experimental Investigation Of Fibre Orientation In Glass Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
  • CP005
    Impact Analysis And Experimental Evaluation On Stitched And Un-Stitched Fibre Glass - Epoxy Laminate To Increase Strength In Aircraft Structures
  • CP006
    Comparison And Experimental Investigation Of Glass Fibre And Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites - Mechanical Properties Of Banana Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • CP007
    Application Of Coir Fibers As Concrete Composites For Disaster Prone Structures
  • CP008
    Biaxial Testing Of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Laminates
  • CP009
    Experimental Evaluation And Buckling Analysis Of Woven Glass Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate
  • CP010
    Durability Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Bars
  • CP011
    Effect Of Moisture And Aging On Adhesive Strength
  • CP012
    Effect Of Strain Rate On The Tensile Failure Of Glass-Fibre Braided Tubes
  • CP013
    Evaluation And Performance Monitoring Of Corrosion Protection By Fiber-Reinforced Composite Wrapping
  • CP014
    Experiment For Bending Analysis Of 3-Phase Composite Plate In Ship Structure
  • CP015
    Experimental Investigation Of Woven E-Glass Epoxy Composite Laminates Subjected To Tensile And Impact At Different Loads
  • CP016
    Fatigue And Fracture Of Fiber Composites Under Combined Inter laminar Stresses
  • CP017
    Fatigue Behavior Study On Repaired Aramid Fiber/Epoxy Composites
  • CP018
    Fracture Toughness Of Through-Thickness Reinforced Composites
  • CP019
    Mechanical Behaviour Of Glass/Epoxy Composites At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
  • CP020
    Mechanical Behavior Analysis Of Polyester Polymer Mortars Modified With Recycled GFRP Waste Materials
  • CP021
    Mechanical Behaviour Of Bagasse Fiber Epoxy Composites At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
  • CP022
    A Nickel-Carbon-Fibre Composite For Large Adaptive Mirrors: Fabrication Methods And Properties
  • CP023
    Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Composites
  • CP024
    Surface Fracture Analysis Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites Treated With Different Type Of Coupling Agent
  • CP025
    Thermal Conductivity Of Structural Glass/Fibre Epoxy Composite As A Function Of Fibre Orientation
  • CP026
    Experimental Analysis Of De-Lamination In Drilling For Aircraft Structure
  • CP027
    Experimental Evaluation And Buckling Analysis Of Woven Glass Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate For Aircraft Applications
  • CP028
    Effect And Analysis Of Impact Response On Cross Stitched And Un-Stitched Fibre - Epoxy Laminates
  • CP029
    Experimental Characterization Of Inter laminar Shear Strength And Flexural Strength Of Glass And Carbon Composite Laminates Under Repeated Curing
  • CP030
    Experimental Investigation Of Elliptical Delamination In Composite Laminates
  • CP031
    Comparative And Experimental Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Glass Fibre And Banana Fiber Reinforced Composites