• THR001
    Zeolite desiccant dehumidifier with variable frequency drive with moisture sensor
  • THR002
    Experimental analysis of solid desiccant wheel dehumidifier
  • THR003
    Combo air conditioner
  • THR004
    Water cooled condenser for domestic
  • THR005
    Bio gas purification system
  • THR006
    Fabrication of cross flow heat exchanger
  • THR007
    Experimental analysis of vapour chamber heat spreader
  • THR008
    Fabrication and analysis of micro channel heat exchanger
  • THR009
    Nanofluids based solar desalination using flashing technique
  • THR010
    Fabrication of waste oil burning system
  • THR011
    Engine cooling and fuel preheating using peltier element
  • THR012
    Experimental study on the performance of heat pump system trans-critical CO2 refrigerant
  • THR013
    Fabrication of Portable juice Cooler
  • THR014
    Electrical power generation system by using gasifier
  • THR015
    Solar aided portable vacuum desalination plant
  • THR016
    Multi-purpose ground dryer (or) Multi-purpose dryer cum room heater
  • THR017
    Low pressure solar water heater with auto tracking
  • THR018
    VIVACE (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) a new concept in generation of clean and renewable energy from fluid Flow
  • THR019
    Development of basin solar still by adding magnetic treatment unit and double glass cover provided with water
  • THR020
    Experimental study and testing of solar flat plate collector with concrete and adjustable glass cover
  • THR021
    Fabrication of cooling jacket for motorcycle
  • THR022
    Fabrication of MHD power generation
  • THR023
    Fabrication of steam jet refrigeration
  • THR024
    Fabrication of vortex flow floating turbine
  • THR025
    Fabrication of Solar oven
  • THR026
    Fabrication of plate freezer
  • THR027
    Fabrication of biomass briquetting machine
  • THR028
    Thermo-electric solar air conditioner
  • THR029
    Fabrication of latent heat exchanger
  • THR030
    Effect of nanofluids in a modified vacuum single basin solar still
  • THR031
    Design and fabrication of combo refrigerator
  • THR032
    Advance cooling system in a tourist bus
  • THR033
    High efficient cooling system with help of BLDC motor
  • THR034
    Fabrication and experimental study of shell and tube heat exchanger
  • THR035
    Fabrication of hybrid titanium air conditioner
  • THR036
    Fabrication of solar fridge
  • THR037
    Design and analysis of aero spike nozzle for a air augmented rocket engine
  • THR038
    Fabrication and experimental study of refrigeration trainer kit
  • THR039
    Solar plus compressor heat desalinator water still
  • THR040
    Design and development of downdraft gasifier for operating CI engine on dual fuel mode
  • THR041
    Performance analysis of single and dual slope solar still with biomass and jute separately
  • THR042
    Experimental investigation of an air conditioning system drive by engine
  • THR043
    Experimental study of refrigeration setup with 2 different diffusers
  • THR044
    Waste chill recovery heat exchange
  • THR045
    Fabrication of mini jet engine
  • THR046
    Fabrication of bicycle powered refrigerator
  • THR047
    Water cooler cum air conditioner
  • THR048
    Solar air cooler cum heater with auto tracking system
  • THR049
    Fabrication of loop heat Pipe
  • THR050
    Fabrication of cooling tower
  • THR051
    Refrigeration using waste heats in car
  • THR052
    Automatic transformer heat reduction system
  • THR053
    Fabrication of peltier air cooler cum heater
  • THR054
    Fabrication of briquette burner
  • THR055
    Fabrication of twisted tape heat exchanger
  • THR056
    Solar cabinet drier integrated with biomass
  • THR057
    Fabrication of life time kit for an air conditioning
  • THR058
    Experimental investigation solar pond integrated with PCM storage
  • THR059
    Fabrication of pressure vessel heat exchanger
  • THR060
    Solar absorption air conditioner
  • THR061
    Experimental study of refrigeration system using CO2 refrigerant
  • THR062
    Parametric study on the thermal performance of the solar air heater with energy storage
  • THR063
    Experimental study and application in nanofluids in refrigeration
  • THR064
    Experimental study of control parameter in spray cooling in a hot steel plate
  • THR065
    Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
  • THR066
    PV panel cooling using stack effect
  • THR067
    Experimental setup on gasifier
  • THR068
    Working of air conditioning unit using damping effect of shock absorbers
  • THR069
    Design fabrication and heat transfer study of green house dryer
  • THR070
    Energy conservation in steam power plant
  • THR071
    Pedal powered reverse osmosis water purification system
  • THR072
    Remote controlled boiler flame adjustment system
  • THR073
    Industrial vacuum conveyor for biscuit dryer
  • THR074
    Cyclone separator with blower
  • THR075
    Fabrication of bottle cooler
  • THR076
    Experimental setup and application of nanofluid in solar water heater
  • THR077
    Regenerative compressed air system by suspension for automatic turbo lag reduction
  • THR078
    Fabrication of laminar flow water turbine
  • THR079
    Performance analysis of evaporative air cooled condenser
  • THR080
    Introduction to the revolutionary design of scheffler reflectors
  • THR081
    Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
  • THR082
    Design and fabrication of atmosphere cooling tower
  • THR083
    Electrical power generation using thermal power plant
  • THR084
    Experimental study on single basin solar still augmented with biomass water heater
  • THR085
    Fabrication of hot and cold water dispenser
  • THR086
    Design and performance of a vacuum single basin solar still
  • THR087
    Fabrication of solar still coupled with air conditioner
  • THR088
    Optimization of process parameters in spark EDM
  • THR089
    Fabrication of solar air dryer
  • THR090
    Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
  • THR091
    Intelligent solar-powered automobile ventilation system
  • THR092
    Heat dissipation in cars using thermo electric refrigeration
  • THR093
    Fabrication of four in one air conditioner
  • THR094
    Fabrication of thermal storage unit using PCM
  • THR095
    Parabolic trough collector cum Vapor Adsorption Refrigerator
  • THR096
    Effect of controlling parameters on heat transfer during jet array impingement cooling of a hot steel plate
  • THR097
    Fabrication of LPG refrigeration
  • THR098
    Fabrication of solar room warmer
  • THR099
    Fabrication of combustion chamber for rocket engine
  • THR100
    Fabrication of thermo acoustic refrigeration system
  • THR101
    Refrigerant cycle and thermo state expansion valve system
  • THR102
    Fabrication of aluminium extraction from plastic material
  • THR103
    Fabrication and performance test of a model solar refrigeration system
  • THR104
    Fabrication of solar peltier air conditioner
  • THR105
    Indirect type solar dryer integrated with solar air heater
  • THR106
    Improved energy performance of a refrigerating machine using water spray upstream of the condenser
  • THR107
    Fabrication of heat exchanger for store thermal energy using PCM
  • THR108
    Heating and cooling jacket by using peltier effect
  • THR109
    Fabrication of miniature boiler
  • THR110
    Advanced solar water heater with electricity generation
  • THR111
    Fabrication of vapour compression distillation
  • THR112
    Evaporative cooler for domestic application
  • THR113
    pyroelectric energy harvesting from solar and wind energy
  • THR114
    Fabrication of furnace using infrared lamp
  • THR115
    Solar thermo-electric refrigerator
  • THR116
    Pollution free miniature incinerator
  • THR117
    Fabrication of automatic humidification system
  • THR118
    Fabrication of ground dryer
  • THR119
    Fabrication of three in one air conditioner
  • THR120
    Design and development of natural vegetables/fruits preservator
  • THR121
    Fabrication of mist coolant system
  • THR122
    Sea water converted to RO drinking water by using solar power
  • THR123
    Water cooler cum water heater by using refrigeration system
  • THR124
    Fabrication of solar air conditioner
  • THR125
    Air conditioning of automobile using engine exhausts gas
  • THR126
    Pulsating heat pipe based heat exchangers
  • THR127
    Design of solar desiccant air conditioner
  • THR128
    Fabrication of lube oil cooler
  • THR129
    Fabrication of solar air cooler cum heater
  • THR130
    Air preheating system using condenser waste heat in automobile
  • THR131
    Performance analysis of solar water heater using porous medium and agitator
  • THR132
    Solar powered electrolux refrigeration system
  • THR133
    Fabrication of EGR assisted jet compressor
  • THR134
    Fabrication of osmotic power plant
  • THR135
    Detection of cavitations in venturi injector using strain gauges
  • THR136
    Design and fabrication of reflecting mirror type solar steam generator
  • THR137
    Fabrication of portable steam generator with Iron box
  • THR138
    Power generation and refrigeration by using waste heat from IC Engine
  • THR139
    Fabrication of solar dryer with multiple PCM
  • THR140
    Solar water desalination by using photovoltaic method
  • THR141