• AUT001
    Segway vehicle (3 wheels)
  • AUT002
    Electro-Hydraulic system for automation in four wheeler
  • AUT003
    Shaft driver bicycle with 2 speed automatic gear transmission system
  • AUT004
    Two engine synchronization for four wheeler
  • AUT005
    Fabrication of air brake system using engine exhaust gas
  • AUT006
    Fabrication of gearless transmission system
  • AUT007
    Fabrication of loading and unloading crane for ship
  • AUT008
    Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system
  • AUT009
    Fabrication of brown gas engine
  • AUT010
    Fabrication of wind propelled car
  • AUT011
    Fabrication of methane gas engine
  • AUT012
    Opposite piston engine(model)
  • AUT013
    Effortless bicycle
  • AUT014
    Design and fabrication of string bicycle
  • AUT015
    Design and development of standing wheel chair
  • AUT016
    Automatic pneumatic disc braking system
  • AUT017
    Heating and cooling jacket by using peltier effect
  • AUT018
    Fabrication of weighing bridge in moving vehicle
  • AUT019
    Automatic electro-magnetic clutch
  • AUT020
    Automatic differential unit locking system
  • AUT021
    Fabrication of hybrid driving seat
  • AUT022
    Foldable electric goped two wheeler
  • AUT023
    Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
  • AUT024
    Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler
  • AUT025
    Rear wheel steering for trailer truck
  • AUT026
    Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed of vehicle
  • AUT027
    Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
  • AUT028
    Automatic steering control system for automobile
  • AUT029
    Fabrication of compressed air generation using speed breaker
  • AUT030
    Cam shaft operated automatic gear change for two wheeler
  • AUT031
    Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
  • AUT032
    Fabrication of motor bike with propeller shaft
  • AUT033
    Automatic drunken drive avoiding with helmet locking system
  • AUT034
    Automatic magnetic accident preventer for train
  • AUT035
    Automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves
  • AUT036
    Motorized triangular air compressor
  • AUT037
    Bio gas two wheeler with power generation
  • AUT038
    Working of air conditioning unit using damping effect of shock absorbers
  • AUT039
    Intelligent gear transmission system with active helmet vehicle
  • AUT040
    Three axis Pneumatic modern trailer
  • AUT041
    Automatic visitor guided with material handling vehicle
  • AUT042
    Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) cycle
  • AUT043
    Increasing the volumetric efficiency of four stroke engine by using ATEG
  • AUT044
    Fabrication of electro-magnetic engine
  • AUT045
    Fabrication of mono wheel bike
  • AUT046
    Triangular air compressor with common compression chamber
  • AUT047
    Electro-Hydraulic braking (EHB) system for four wheeler
  • AUT048
    Fabrication of multiple car safety system in bumper
  • AUT049
    Fabrication of piezoelectric powered cycle
  • AUT050
    Electric pulse magnetic braking (EPM Braking) system
  • AUT051
    Automatic head lamp alignment system depending upon steering
  • AUT052
    Energy conversion from roadways using kinetic motion
  • AUT053
    Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • AUT054
    Regenerative braking using pneumatic interface
  • AUT055
    Fabrication of auto clutch for automobile
  • AUT056
    Highways high speed sensing and automatic speed braking system
  • AUT057
    Fabrication of air powered wheel chair
  • AUT058
    Fuel efficiency improvement in petrol Engine by using water injection
  • AUT059
    Generation of electricity using the flow or velocity of vehicle exhaust gas
  • AUT060
    Fabrication of electric gear bike
  • AUT061
    Automatic electro-hydraulic jack for four wheeler
  • AUT062
    Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
  • AUT063
    Pneumatic Disc Braking System (PDBS)
  • AUT064
    High efficient cooling system in a car with help of BLDC motor
  • AUT065
    Fabrication of ethanol fuel engine
  • AUT066
    Exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) for two wheeler
  • AUT067
    Total electrical system for automobile (headlights, taillights, indicators and wiper)
  • AUT068
    Four wheel steering (Zero degree) system
  • AUT069
    Fabrication of LPG gas kit for four wheeler
  • AUT070
    Electrical power generation and refrigeration by using waste heat from IC engine
  • AUT071
    Theo Jjnsen four leg walking mechanism
  • AUT072
    Automatic electro-magnetic gear transmission for two wheeler
  • AUT073
    Fabrication of electric all terrain vehicle
  • AUT074
    Vehicle accident information through SMS
  • AUT075
    Joystick control car drive mechanism for physically challenged people
  • AUT076
    Fabrication of turbo charger for two wheeler
  • AUT077
    Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
  • AUT078
    Automatic speed breaker depending upon vehicle over speed control
  • AUT079
    Fabrication of all terrain wheel chair
  • AUT080
    Adaptable multi nut fastener with manual height adjustment system
  • AUT081
    Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
  • AUT082
    Electro-magnetic braking on propeller shaft
  • AUT083
    Intelligent braking system in four wheeler (IBS)
  • AUT084
    Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
  • AUT085
    Design and fabrication two wheel drive bike
  • AUT086
    Fabrication of treadmill electric vehicle
  • AUT087
    Manual powered car
  • AUT088
    Fabrication and analysis of micro channel heat exchanger
  • AUT089
    Variable volume engine (automatic clutch based)
  • AUT090
    Fabrication of air assisted clutch
  • AUT091
    Pulse jet engine performance normal petrol gas
  • AUT092
    Fabrication of bicycle wind turbine
  • AUT093
    Sterling engine with parabolic collector (Model)
  • AUT094
    Fabrication of magnetic fuel modifier used in IC engine
  • AUT095
    Power generation from road transport using piezoelectric and rack & pinion
  • AUT096
    Fabrication of automatic pneumatic jack
  • AUT097
    Fabrication of energy produced from running vehicle
  • AUT098
    Automatic reverse locking system using differential unit
  • AUT099
    Elimination of chain drive in bicycle
  • AUT100
    Fabrication of wind energy vehicle
  • AUT101
    Fabrication of air engine
  • AUT102
    Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensors
  • AUT103
    Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
  • AUT104
    Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
  • AUT105
    Fabrication of pulse jet engine (Model)
  • AUT106
    Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone
  • AUT107
    Fuel efficiency increasing system by using peltier air preheated system
  • AUT108
    Highways Speed controller and automatic pneumatic braking system
  • AUT109
    Dual brake single liver system for two wheeler
  • AUT110
    Generative breaking system using pneumatic interface
  • AUT111
    Automatic track guided vehicle (ATGV)
  • AUT112
    Energy-harvesting shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifier
  • AUT113
    Remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle
  • AUT114
    Air conditionings of automobile using engine exhaust gas
  • AUT115
    Sensor operated automatic reverse braking system
  • AUT116
    Fabrication of foldable all wheel drive bicycle
  • AUT117
    Exhaust gas (silencer) heat recovery (TEG) power generation system
  • AUT118
    Hydraulic parking attachment for car
  • AUT119
    Fabrication of motorized center stand for cycle/bike
  • AUT120
    Fabrication of automatic gear changer in bicycle
  • AUT121
    Fabrication of solar race car
  • AUT122
    Fabrication of pneumatic scooter excavator
  • AUT123
    Fabrication of turbo charged two wheeler with zero turbo lag
  • AUT124
    Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking and bumper system
  • AUT125
    Water fuel engine with power generation
  • AUT126
    Fabrication of pollution free four stroke petrol engine
  • AUT127
    Vehicle ignition using RFID and finger print
  • AUT128
    Fabrication of foldable two wheeler
  • AUT129
    Modified reverse gear two wheeler for handicapped people
  • AUT130
    Pneumatic try cycle with turbocharged closed loop system
  • AUT131
    Shock absorber test rig using CAM and sensors
  • AUT132
    Fabrication of kids car
  • AUT133
    Efficiency increasing system by using preheating method
  • AUT134
    Fabrication of water fuel injection for mini boat
  • AUT135
    Fabrication of vertical bridge lifter
  • AUT136
    Automatic queries controlling system for two wheeler
  • AUT137
    Automatic air delivered system based on density of oxygen in car cabin
  • AUT138
    Automatic clutch and brake system for four wheeler
  • AUT139
    Fabrication of solar hybrid car
  • AUT140
    Electro-magnetic actuator in ABS for two wheeler
  • AUT141
    Fabrication of solar E cycle
  • AUT142
    Automatic car covering device for automobile
  • AUT143
    Shock observer power generation system
  • AUT144
    Fabrication of fuel cell bike
  • AUT145
    Fabrication of eddy current braking system
  • AUT146
    Dual power generation system for automobile (thermoelectric + exhaust gas power generation)
  • AUT147
    Emission control in two stroke petrol engine by using multiple spark
  • AUT148
    Magneto hydro dynamic (MHD) braking system
  • AUT149
    Remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair
  • AUT150
    Electric scooter powered by wind and piezoelectric power
  • AUT151
    MHD power generation for two wheeler
  • AUT152
    Wheel chair using eye shadow and touch screen
  • AUT153
    Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
  • AUT154
    Solar E-bike with regenerative braking system
  • AUT155
    Safety system to avoid accident when driver in sleep
  • AUT156
    Electronic fuel Injection (EFI) system for two wheeler
  • AUT157
    Air engine with load testing (Dynamo Meter) arrangement
  • AUT158
    Fabrication of anti theft steering system
  • AUT159
    Combination of emergency, intelligence and anti-lock braking system
  • AUT160
    Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
  • AUT161
    Automobile dual side wiper system with mist control
  • AUT162
    Water fuel (Hydrogen/Brown gas) engine with load test
  • AUT163
    Button operated pneumatic gear shifting in two wheeler
  • AUT164