• HR001
    A study on motivation factors at work for employees
  • HR002
    A study on effectiveness of HRD process in any organisation
  • HR003
    A study on impact of rewards and recognition of employee in any organisation
  • HR004
    Role of HR During Recession Among Employee Management
  • HR005
    Relation between technology and work stress in an organization
  • HR006
    A study on job satisfaction level to the employees.
  • HR007
    A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job satisfaction
  • HR008
    A Study on the role of Leadership in work force
  • HR009
    A Study on Factors influencing employee retention
  • HR010
    Analysis of employee welfare
  • HR011
    A Study on Role of a HR
  • HR012
    A comprehensive study on employee motivation.
  • HR013
    Strategic planning in an organization
  • HR014
    A study on Special Training given to the employees in an organization
  • HR015
    Stress of an employee in an organization
  • HR016
    Job satisfaction among employees in an organization
  • HR017
    Impact of Rewards and recognition in an organization
  • HR018
    Impact of New technology to an employee of an organization
  • HR019
    Performance appraisal in Organizations
  • HR020
    A study on employees attitude towards fringe benefits
  • HR021
    A study on the employees attitude towards stress management
  • HR022
    A study on employee’s attitude towards wage and salary administration
  • HR023
    A study on evaluation of human capital
  • HR024
    A study on effectiveness of time management.
  • HR025
    A study on power of relationship between management and employee
  • HR026
    A study on employees attitude towards performance appraisal system
  • HR027
    A study on evaluation of employee assessment
  • HR028
    A study on call centre management
  • HR029
    A study on competency analysis of employees
  • HR030
    A study on job satisfaction
  • HR031
    A study on analysis of training and development
  • HR032
    A study on analysis of employee regularization
  • HR033
    A study on coaching and education
  • HR034
    A study on employees conflict toward organizational change
  • HR035
    A study on line managers perception of change
  • HR036
    A study on managing performance in intermediate care services
  • HR037
    A study on total quality management and human resource department
  • HR038
    A study on training and development
  • HR039
    A study on labour welfare measures
  • HR040
    A study on various satisfaction level of the employees on the various welfare facilities provided
  • HR041
    A study on evaluation of employee remuneration
  • HR042
    A study on evaluation of motivational practices implemented
  • HR043
    A study on evaluation of job contentment
  • HR044
    A study on the superior leadership skills
  • HR045
    A study on the effectiveness of training of campus recruits
  • HR046
    Employees perception towards 360 degree feedback performance appraisal system
  • HR047
    A study of different sources of absenteeism and its effectiveness
  • HR048
    A study to ascertain the motivation and morale of employees with various group ‘c’ level employees
  • HR049
    A study on the effectiveness of small group activities
  • HR050
    A study on the perception of employees about corporate social responsibility
  • HR051
    To study and evaluate the quality of work life
  • HR052
    A study on the perception of employees on stress
  • HR053
    A study on existing performance appraisal system practiced
  • HR054
    A study on the satisfaction of employees on the safety measures
  • HR055
    A study on the effectiveness of human resource retention policy
  • HR056
    A study on effectiveness of group dynamics
  • HR057
    A study on organizational culture and its impact on employees behavior
  • HR058
    A study on employees empowerment and its impact on job performance
  • HR059
    A study on critical evaluation of performance appraisal system
  • HR060
    A study on effectiveness of downward communication with special
  • HR061
    A study on employee satisfaction at the various stages of employee lifecycle
  • HR062
    A study on employees absenteeism
  • HR063
    A study on performance appraisal
  • HR064
    A study on job satisfaction at lower level
  • HR065
    A study on motivation of employees
  • HR066
    A study on stress among the officers
  • HR067
    Evaluation of organizational
  • HR068
    A study on the causes for increasing rate of attrition in perfect polymers
  • HR069
    To ascertain the job satisfaction of employees
  • HR070
    To evaluate the employees opinion regarding the training program