• ERB001
    GSM and GPS based autonomous navigatiing robot platform for versatile applications
  • ERB002
    Automatic lighting system using multiple robotic lamps
  • ERB003
    Automatic chocolate vending robot
  • ERB004
    Live human detecting robot for earth quake rescue operation
  • ERB005
    Robotic safe deposit vault with biometric security and access system
  • ERB006
    PCB drilling machine using cartesian robot
  • ERB007
    A voice command system for autonomous robots
  • ERB008
    Vision guided law enforcement land rovers for military applications
  • ERB009
    Touch screen controlled intelligent robot
  • ERB010
    Radio frequency (RF) controlled wireless robot
  • ERB011
    Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control
  • ERB012
    Live human being detection wireless remote controlled robot
  • ERB013
    Design of a surface cleaning robot
  • ERB014
    Robotics voice recognition for physically challenged people
  • ERB015
    Head motion controlled robotic wheel chair
  • ERB016
    A microcontroller based stout robot with automatic track detection in railway tracks
  • ERB017
    Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people
  • ERB018
    Development of mobile robot with a robot arm
  • ERB019
    Building an autonomous light finder robot
  • ERB020
    Walking robot for impaired people-muscle weakness
  • ERB021
    Automatic human seeker robot with human body heat scanner
  • ERB022
    Fabrication of fly car
  • ERB023
    Automatic vistor guided robot
  • ERB024
    Automatic stair climbing robot-stair climber
  • ERB025
    Autonomos tour guide robot by using ultra sonic range sensors and QR code recognition in indoor environment
  • ERB026
    Unaided guided robot
  • ERB027
    Real time security guard robot using GSM/CDMA networking
  • ERB028
    Object tracking robot using image processing
  • ERB029
    Automatic well cleaning robot
  • ERB030
    GPS guided farm mapping and waypoint tracking mobile robotic system
  • ERB031
    Automatic paint spraying pick and place robot
  • ERB032
    Man less defense multi-purpose robot
  • ERB033
    Mini robot car for industrial application
  • ERB034
    Fabrication of tennis ball collector robot
  • ERB035
    Solar operated automatic seed sowing vechicle robot
  • ERB036
    Pick and place robot with remote control
  • ERB037
    Intelligent escort robot moving together with human
  • ERB038
    SMS based pick and place video analyzing robot
  • ERB039
    Automated book picking robot for libraries
  • ERB040
    Automatic scrap collecting robot
  • ERB041
    Remote controlled water splash robot for garden
  • ERB042
    Accelerometer controlled robot using mobile phone
  • ERB044
    Robot control with speech alert and touch screen
  • ERB045
    Bluetooth based android controlled robot
  • ERB046
    Fabrication of bore well child rescuing robot
  • ERB047
    Smoke and LPG gas detection robot with wireless control
  • ERB048
    Ultrasonic obstacle sensed robotic vehicle
  • ERB049
    Mobile controlled robot
  • ERB050
    Microcontroller based line follower robot
  • ERB051
    GSM controlled robot using dtmf technology
  • ERB052
    Light search and following robot using microcontroller unit