• PC001
    PC based Auto Dialing Home Security System
  • PC002
    PC Controlled Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas Using
  • PC003
    Internet Controlled A.C or D.C Motor Speed Controlling System
  • PC004
    PC based solar panel sun tracking and Controlling System
  • PC005
    PC based Boiler automation
  • PC006
    PC based A.C Motor Speed, voltage and current Monitoring and Controlling System
  • PC007
    PC based wireless stepper Motor Speed Controlling System
  • PC008
    PC based no load transformer testing System
  • PC009
    PC Based Moving Message Display
  • PC010
    PC based double axis pick and place Robot
  • PC011
    PC based Temperature, Voltage and Speed (T-V-S) Monitoring System
  • PC012
    PC Based Voice recognition robot
  • PC013
    PC based wireless multi-machine Control System
  • PC014
    Interface your PC with light and fans
  • PC015
    Monitoring Wind Turbine parameter by Reliable Communication in PC
  • PC016
    PC based multiple transformer or Motor fault detection and Monitoring System
  • PC017
    PC based wireless Bidirectional rotation of Single phase induction Motor
  • PC018
    PC based multilevel Car parking
  • PC019
    RS 232 communication based touch screen Monitoring
  • PC020
    PC based smart and secure Home automation and Home appliances Control
  • PC021
    Internet based Hospital connecting System
  • PC022
    PC based wireless Windmill Parameter Monitoring System
  • PC023
    PC based Real time Monitoring and protection of coal conveyor
  • PC024
    PC based On-Load Monitoring of distribution transformer tap changer using RF communication
  • PC025
    PC based wireless message circular System for college / industries
  • PC026
    Monitoring Wind Turbine Using Wi-Fi Network for Reliable Communication
  • PC027
    Industrial Parameter Monitoring and Controlling Using GSM and Web Server
  • PC028
    Effect of Controlling Parameters on Heat Transfer during Jet Array Impingement Cooling of a Hot Steel Plate
  • PC029
    PC based wireless Material handling Vehicle
  • PC030
    PC based Wireless Robot
  • PC031
    PC based wireless Mechanical arm
  • PC032
    PC based visitor counter
  • PC033
    Multi-Device Control System using PC