• IEEE001
    Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE002
    Design and Implementation of a Home Automation System for Smart Grid Applications (IEEE2016)
  • IEEE003
    Wireless Arm -Based Automatic Meter Reading &and Control(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE004
    GSM Based Voice Response System for Wireless Load Control and Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE005
    Implementation of an in Campus Fire Alarm System Using ZIGBEE (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE006
    Photosentive Security System for Theft Detection and Control Using GSM technology (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE007
    WSN Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE008
    Leak Detection, Size Estimation and Localization in Pipe Flows (IEEE 2015)
  • IEEE009
    Implementation of BLDC motor Based Water Pump for Automative Vechile(IJES JUNE 2016
  • IEEE010
    Integrated Communication Technology for SCADA of PV Power Station
  • IEEE011
    Performance Evaluation of a 3level ANPC Photovolltaic Grid Connected Inverter With 650v Sic Devices And Optimized PWM(IEEE-2016))
  • IEEE012
    LMF Based Control Algorithm for Single Phase Three Phase Grid Integrated Solar PV System (IEEE2016)
  • IEEE013
    Analysis of Bi-Directional Piezoelectric Based Converters for Zero-Voltage Switching Operation(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE014
    A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-BRIDGE Multi Level STATCOM(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE015
    Impedance Networks and Its Application in Power For Electric Traction System(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE016
    Phase Current Balance Control Using Dc-Link Current Sensor For Multi-Phase Converters With Discontinuous Current Mode Considered
  • IEEE017
    Fault Tolerant Parallel Filters Based on Error Correction Codes (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE018
    Implementation of Orthogonal Transmitter/Receiver (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE019
    The design of building fire monitoring system based on Zigbee- wifi networks
  • IEEE020
    Smart real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking system using GSM/GPS technologies
  • IEEE021
    Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring
  • IEEE022
    Design and implementation of low-cost SMS based monitoring system of distribution transformers
  • IEEE023
    RFID- based navigation system for visually impaired to work at industry
  • IEEE024
    Environmental condition monitoring system for the industries
  • IEEE025
    Design and implementation of integrated mobile operated remote vehicle
  • IEEE026
    Android based women tracking system using GPS and GSM
  • IEEE027
    GSM and PIR based advanced antitheft security system
  • IEEE028
    Wearable sensors for human activity monitoring (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE029
    Innovative railway track surveying with sensor and controlled by Wireless Communication (IEEE may 2013 )
  • IEEE030
    Inttelligent management and control of electrical loads using microcontroller-based embedded systems
  • IEEE031
    Digital fuel level indicator in two-wheeler along with distance to zero indicators (apr-2014 )
  • IEEE032
    Driver gaze tracking and eyes off the road detection system(IEEE-2015 )
  • IEEE033
    Sensor based identification system for train collision avoidance (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE034
    Towards a new modality- independent interface for a robotic wheelchair(IEEE-2015 )
  • IEEE035
    Integrated all electrical pulse wave velocity and respiration sensors using bio-impedance (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE036
    Design for visually impaired to work at industry using RFID technology(IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE037
    Backscattering neural tags for wireless brain-machine interface systems (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE038
    An embedded system in passenger car for road safety(IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE039
    Wireless sensor networks for condition monitoring in railway industry(IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE040
    Automated health alerts using in- home sensor data for embedded health assessment (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE041
    An implantable RFID sensor tag toward continuous glucose monitoring (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE042
    A self- powering wireless enviroment monitoring system using soil energy
  • IEEE043
    RFID based system for school children transportation safety enhancement (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE044
    Zigbee -based irrigation system for home gardens (IEEE-2015)
  • IEEE045
    Wierless smart classroom using embedded technology(IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE046
    A smart embedded technology system to monitor electricity theft (IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE047
    Smart control home area network using embedded (IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE048
    Automated sensor network for monitoring and detection of impurity in drinking water system (IEEE-2016)
  • IEEE049
    Design and development of embedded based system for monitoring industrial and enviromental parameters for analyzing the health of human beings
  • IEEE050
    A real-time embedded system for embedded system fo monioring of cargo vehicles, using controller area network(can)(IEEE-2016)