• ECE001
    Embedded based customized wireless message circular System for college / industries
  • ECE002
    Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) using ZIGBEE Technology
  • ECE003
    Automatic drip Irrigation depends upon moisture using Solar PV cell
  • ECE004
    Automatic Car washing System by using IR Sensor
  • ECE005
    Image based password authentication for Security System
  • ECE006
    Pic based density based traffic signal system
  • ECE007
    Automatic drunken drive Avoiding System for automobile
  • ECE008
    Touch screen based dancing Lights
  • ECE009
    Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor
  • ECE010
    Microcontroller based automatic weighing Machine
  • ECE011
    Automatic Traffic Controller for Ambulance and VIP Vehicles
  • ECE012
    Microcontroller Based Fire Fighting AGV
  • ECE013
    GSM based gas leakage detection and alert system
  • ECE014
    Digital locking System (Password) for Two Wheeler
  • ECE015
    Automatic gate Open and Close System by using PIR Sensor
  • ECE016
    Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
  • ECE017
    Automatic Street light Controller
  • ECE018
    Vehicle tracking using acoustic & view sensors
  • ECE019
    Microcontroller based mini-computer dictionary
  • ECE020
    RFID based identification of ATM card loss
  • ECE021
    Automatic station alert System in train
  • ECE022
    A personal authentication based on IRIS recognition
  • ECE023
    Automatic Mirror adjustment System for Car by using Sensor
  • ECE024
    Microcontroller based talking key pad for blind people
  • ECE025
    Automatic Water overflow Controlling System
  • ECE026
    Moving Person Place (MPP) Detecting System
  • ECE027
    Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
  • ECE028
    Speech reorganization based locker Security System
  • ECE029
    Automatic Idli batter filling Mechanism
  • ECE030
    Voice based room light and fan Controlling System for physically challenged people
  • ECE031
    Microcontroller Based 3D led cube
  • ECE032
    Involuntary station name Display with voice attentive System for train
  • ECE033
    Object detection and Vibration alert to blind people
  • ECE034
    Automatic Shopping & Billing in Super Market
  • ECE035
    Involuntary toll gate System for Vehicle traffic management
  • ECE036
    Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System
  • ECE037
    Microcontroller based Smart Bike
  • ECE038
    microcontroller based home automation with security system
  • ECE039
    PIR based human focus light movement
  • ECE040
    Microcontroller based carbon monoxide level warning System
  • ECE041
    Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System
  • ECE042
    Automatic Electronic Bus Fare System
  • ECE043
    Bus Identification System for Visually Impaired People
  • ECE044
    Automatic pollution detection and Monitoring System using carbon sensors
  • ECE045
    microcontroller based device control and authentication by using RFID
  • ECE046
    Arduino Based Water Level Controller
  • ECE047
    RFID Access Control System
  • ECE048
    RFID based College Attendance System
  • ECE049
    Microcontroller based digital password car parking system for apartment.
  • ECE050
    Microcontroller based digital locking system (password) for two wheeler.
  • ECE051
    Automatic traffic controller for VIP vehicles and Ambulance.
  • ECE052
    GSM based electrical appliances controlling system.
  • ECE053
    Modern Water Level Controller Using Ultrasonic Sensor Without Touch Water
  • ECE054
    Matix Keyboard Operated Multi Operation Of Universal Motor
  • ECE055
    Object detection & vibration alert for blind
  • ECE056
    Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  • ECE057
    Arduino Based Home Security System
  • ECE058
    Arduino Based Temperature Controller
  • ECE059
    Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances in Embedded System Projects
  • ECE060
    solar panel tracking system using stepper motor
  • ECE061
    microcontroller based wireless windmill monitoring
  • ECE062
    Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients
  • ECE063
    Keypad based simple electronic lock with microcontroller
  • ECE064
    Unmanned toll taxi using RFID
  • ECE065
    Wireless bus information system for providing blind people.
  • ECE066
    Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system.
  • ECE067
    Microcontroller based automatic railways signaling system.
  • ECE068
    Microcontroller based building security system.
  • ECE069
    Automatic touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System
  • ECE070
    Touch screen based Light and Fan Control System
  • ECE071
    Automatic Train Station Announcement with Bomb Detection System
  • ECE072
    Finger Print based ATM Authentication & Money Management System
  • ECE073
    microcontroller based fire and smoke water dispending system
  • ECE074
    IVRS based Students Mark Annunciation for their Parents
  • ECE075
    Development of a model for Electronic check post
  • ECE076
    Smart Sensor with CAN Bus
  • ECE077
    Automatic fire safety System for Fuel tank and Engine
  • ECE078
    Integrated Home service Network on intelligent intranet
  • ECE079
    Microcontroller based web camera positioning System
  • ECE080
    Shoe Size measuring equipment using IR Sensor
  • ECE081
    Wireless printer by using laser communication
  • ECE082
    Highway Car Accident Identification and Auto Communication to Patrol or Hospital
  • ECE083
    automatic steering control system for automobile
  • ECE084
    Finger print and Bar Code Scanner based voting machine
  • ECE085
    Prepaid card for Electronic Bus fare System
  • ECE086
    microcontroller based intelligent security system for apartments or bar
  • ECE087
    Automatic signal Indicator for Vehicles in Hairpin Bend
  • ECE088
    ZIGBEE based wireless energy meter
  • ECE089
    Diagnosis of underground cable fault overt internet of things (IOT) using GSM
  • ECE090
    Automatic measurement and reporting System of water quality based on GSM
  • ECE091
    Visitor guided with material handling Robot
  • ECE092
    Hidden Active Cell Phone Detector
  • ECE093
    Sleep monitor
  • ECE094
    Advanced Collision Avoidance for Solar Robot Car
  • ECE095