• TRA001
    Design of an Arch Bridge
  • TRA002
    Design of a Beam Bridge
  • TRA003
    Design of a Cable Stayed Bridge
  • TRA004
    Design of a Cantilever Bridge
  • TRA005
    Design of a Foot Over Bridge
  • TRA006
    Design of a Fuel Station
  • TRA007
    Design of a Fly Over Bridge
  • TRA008
    Design of a Petrol Bunk Building
  • TRA009
    Design of a Ring Road
  • TRA010
    Design of a Railway Station Building
  • TRA011
    Design of a Small Bridge
  • TRA012
    Design of a Suspension Bridge
  • TRA013
    Design of a Tied Arch Bridge
  • TRA014
    Design of a Truss Bridge
  • TRA015
    Design of a Toll Plaza
  • TRA016
    Design of a Flexible Pavement
  • TRA017
    Design of a Rigid Pavement
  • TRA018
    Design of a Concrete Silo
  • TRA019
    Design of a Airport Hanger
  • TRA020
    Flyash Concrete Pavement
  • TRA021
    Effect of Aging on Various Bitumen Mixes
  • TRA022
    Feasibility Study of Fine Copper Slag in Road and Structural Fill Applications
  • TRA023
    Feasibility Study on Effect of Fibres in Bituminous Mix Design
  • TRA024
    Pavement Design by Using Geotextile
  • TRA025
    Study on Rural Road Development
  • TRA026
    Study on Use of Waste Polyethylene in Flexible Pavements
  • TRA027
    Geo Textiles and Their Applications
  • TRA028
    Highway and Their Maintenance
  • TRA029
    Use of Discrete Fiber in Road Construction
  • TRA030
    Stabilization of Subgrade using Geo Textiles
  • TRA031
    Stabilization of Subgrade Using Geo Synthetics
  • TRA032
    Pavement Evaluation and Applications of Geo Textiles in Pavements
  • TRA033
    Accident Prone Area for Chennai City (Any City)
  • TRA034
    Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavement Using Fly ash as a Stabilizing Materials
  • TRA035
    Pavement Surface Unevenness Evaluation 
  • TRA036
    Geo Synthetics in Construction of Roads
  • TRA037
    Traffic Analysis and Pavement Evaluation
  • TRA038
    Laboratory Evaluation of Usage of Waste Tyre Rubber in Bituminous Concrete
  • TRA039
    Effect of Geometric Elements on Accident’s Rates
  • TRA040
    Use of Steel Slag in Construction of Flexible Pavement
  • TRA041
    A Review of the Techniques of Waterproofing and Strength Improvement of Expensive Soils, by Bituminous Admixtures
  • TRA042
    Traffic Survey National Highway
  • TRA043
    Software Development (PAKPAVE) for Flexible Pavement Design
  • TRA044
    Highway Asset Management
  • TRA045
    Use of Recycled Materials in Road Construction
  • TRA046
    A Study on Recycling of Crumb Rubber and Low Density Polyethylene Blend on Stone Matrix Asphalt
  • TRA047
    Road Asset Management Evolution and Trends
  • TRA048
    Asset Management for the Roads Sector
  • TRA049
    Advanced Pavement Design
  • TRA050
    Automated Highway Systems
  • TRA051
    Traffic Monitoring System
  • TRA052
    Bridge Bearings & Stability
  • TRA053
    Intelligent Transport System
  • TRA054
    Development of a Robotic Bridge Maintenance System
  • TRA055
    Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing
  • TRA056
    Geosyntehesis and Their Application
  • TRA057
    Study on Self Stabilizing Track
  • TRA058
    Research on Stress Ribbon Bridges
  • TRA059
    Highway Failure & Their Maintenance
  • TRA060
    Urban Transport Planing in Chennai (Any City)
  • TRA061
    Factors leading to Road Re-Alignment
  • TRA062
    Integral Bridges an Innovative Concept
  • TRA063
    Pedestrian Bridge Over College Avenue
  • TRA064
    Report on Urban Transport Planning Project
  • TRA065
    Hydraulic & Hydrological Impacts on Bridges
  • TRA066
    Polymer Composites in Bridge Rehabilitation
  • TRA067
    Mass Transit System – The necessity of Today
  • TRA068
    Bridge Strengthening Advanced Composite System
  • TRA069
    Computer-Aided Limit States Analysis of Bridge
  • TRA070
    Walkway or a Small Car Bridge Over the River
  • TRA071
    Construction Challenges for Bridges in Hilly Area
  • TRA072
    Gc Antistripping Adhesive for Bituminous Pavement
  • TRA073
    An Innovation for Various Geotechnical Applications
  • TRA074
    Study the Socio Economic Impact of a Highway Failure
  • TRA075
    Traffic Analysis and Pavement Evaluation Along NH-17
  • TRA076
    Time and Motion Study on Road Construction Techniques
  • TRA077
    Evaluation of Highway Materials and Design Performance
  • TRA078
    Load Rating of Impaired Bridges Using a Dynamic Method
  • TRA079
    Transportation – The Evergrowing Civil Engineering Need
  • TRA080
    Pavement Stabilization Using Iron Ore Waste Along NH-17
  • TRA081
    Study of Transportation Needs in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas
  • TRA082
    Mix Design for Pavement Overlays for Sustainable Development
  • TRA083
    Traffic Management Studies in Highways
  • TRA084
    Study on Highway Safety Methods to be Adopted by Civil Engineers
  • TRA085
    Role of Mems in Elevating Bridges to a Level of “Smart Bridges”
  • TRA086
    Laboratory Studies on Geo Fibres as Reinforcement in Road Pavement
  • TRA087
    Rehabilitation of Bridges & Buildings – Using Guniting Techniques
  • TRA088
    Performance Studies on California Bearing Ratio Values Using Geofabrics
  • TRA089
    Analysis of Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Test Results for Pavement Design
  • TRA090
    Application of Geotextile to Improve the CBR Value of Subgrade in Rural Areas
  • TRA091
    Proximity of Transportation Network of Chennai City Using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • TRA092
    Study of Transportation System Analysis and Temporal Pattern Recognition Case Studies
  • TRA093
    Widening and Strengthening of Existing State Highway;Case Problem of Package M4(kship)
  • TRA094
    A Laboratory Study on the Utilisation of Red Muds in Pavements and as Building Material
  • TRA095
    Analysis and Shape Optimization of Variable Thickness Box Girder Bridges in Curved Platform
  • TRA097
    Environmental Impact Assessment of Vizhinjam Harbour