• IE001
    Drip Irrigation
  • IE002
    Study on Economics of Canal Lining
  • IE003
    Applications of Geo-Synthetics in canal Lining- A Comparative Case Study of Narmada Canal Network
  • IE004
    Study on Seepage Control in Canal System
  • IE005
    Prediction of Sediment Transport in Irrigation Canals
  • IE006
    Computation of Seepage Losses and Economic Analysis of canal Lining - A case Study
  • IE007
    Analysis of Geosynthetic Material in Narmada Main Canal
  • IE008
    Design of Pressurized Irrigation Network System Through Canal
  • IE009
    Evaluation of Economic losses in Dams Sustained due to Untimely Maintenance
  • IE010
    Rooftop Farming Using Capillary Irrigation and Deficit Irrigation Techniques
  • IE011
    Impact of Climate Change on Runoff
  • IE012
    Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Including Inflow-Outflow Using ANN
  • IE013
    Study on Flood Control at Chennai – 2015
  • IE014
    Study on Minor Irrigation Tanks