• CT001
    Evaluation of Natural and Artificial Fibre Reinforced Concrete using Waste Materials
  • CT002
    Comparative Study of Experimental and Analytical Results of GFRP Strengthened Beam in Flexure
  • CT003
    Effect of Steel Fibres on Concrete with M-sand as Replacement of Natural Sand
  • CT004
    Experimental Study of Durability on Concrete Containing Alccofine and Foundry Sand
  • CT005
    Experimental Investigation on Steel and Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • CT006
    Strength Investigation of Foundry Sand and Quarry dust as Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Concrete
  • CT007
    Study on Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Ceramic Powder in Concrete
  • CT008
    Experimental study on Geopolymer Concrete by Using Alccofine
  • CT009
    Experimental Study on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete with Replacement by Industrial Waste
  • CT010
    Effect on Addition of Glass Fibre Use in High Strength Concrete
  • CT011
    Experimental Investigation of Nano-Silica and Steel Slag on Properties of High Strength Concrete
  • CT012
    Performance Evaluation of Beam Column Joint Strengthening Using FRP Materials
  • CT013
    Effect of Addition of Carbon Fibre Use in High Strength Concrete
  • CT014
    Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Concrete by Partially Replacing Coarse Aggregate with Cupola Slag
  • CT015
    Experimental Study on Reinforced Concrete Beam with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheet
  • CT016
    Structural Health Monitoring of RCC Structure to Check the In-Situ Behavior Using NDT
  • CT017
    Effect of Fibres in Hollow Concrete Block
  • CT018
    Utilisation of Sugarcane Baggase Ash and Rice Husk Ash as a SCM to Produce Low Cost Concrete
  • CT019
    Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Metakaolin and Flyash Based Cement Concrete
  • CT020
    Retrofitting of RC Building by Using Carbon Laminates