• OM001
    The use of material and supply chain management in manufacturing and service organizations to reduce inventory levels while providing adequate service to customers.
  • OM002
    Problems encountered in planning, operating, and controlling production of goods and services.
  • OM003
    An investigation of Tools in project management.
  • OM004
    A study on methods of planning in industrial sector.
  • OM005
    A study on Production and inventory control, procurement, distribution, and their interrelationships.
  • OM006
    Concepts and Techniques related to materials management.
  • OM007
    Computer and Quantitative models used in formulating managerial problems.
  • OM008
    Concepts and Techniques of Value Analysis to effectively control costs.
  • OM009
    Deterministic and stochastic inventory models.
  • OM010
    A study on Just In Time Production.
  • OM011
    Modern Trends in Project Management Perception.
  • OM012
    A study based on Project Scheduling.
  • OM013
    An Investigation on Manufacturing strategy.
  • OM014
    A study about Industrial site and Location Analysis.
  • OM015
    Application of Quantitative Analysis and Computers for managerial decision making in operations problems.
  • OM016
    A study on tools and techniques (e.g., CPM and PERT) developed to aid the planning, scheduling, and control of projects.
  • OM017
    Quality issues related to enhancing customer satisfaction (both internal and external) to ensure long-term customer loyalty.
  • OM018
    Ethical Issues in Operations Management.
  • OM019
    Studies and conclusions of McGregor, Maslow, Herzburg, Likert, Aggyris, and Blake on Operations Management Behavioral Science.
  • OM020
    A study on Total Quality Management, human resources, finance and accounting, information systems, and their interrelationships.
  • OM021
    Investigation into computerized production technology.
  • OM022
    Study on Plant layout design depending on type of production system.
  • OM023
    An investigation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
  • OM024
    An investigation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing system in production industry.
  • OM025
    Workforce Management in an Organization.
  • OM026
    A study and implantation of different studies in the industries (Work study, Method Study and Time Study)
  • OM027
    An organization study of a Company.
  • OM028
    A study on impact of unorganized retailers in an industry.