• GIS001
    Design and Development of Noise Prediction Study Using 3D City Models & ArcGIS
  • GIS002
    Identification of Ground Water by Using GIS
  • GIS003
    Geographical Information System and its Application to Project Mangement in Construction Industry
  • GIS004
    Identification of Accident Location and Analysis System
  • GIS005
    Decision Support System for Guidance Assessment in large Irrigation Areas
  • GIS006
    4D Model Development for Planning and Scheduling of Construction Project
  • GIS007
    Assessment of Impact on Aquaculture Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS
  • GIS008
    Integrated Sustainable Irrigation Planning with Multi Objective Fuzzy Optimization Approach
  • GIS009
    Rainfall Screening Methodology using TRMM Data Over a River Basin
  • GIS010
    Prediction of High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Land Surface Temperature using ANN and MICROWAVE VEGETATION INDEX