• DN001
    Buffer Management for Aggregated Streaming Data with Packet Dependencies
  • DN002
    Vulnerability of Network Mechanisms to Sophisticated DDOS Attacks
  • DN003
    New Framework Architecture for Next Generation e-Health Services
  • DN004
    SOS: A Distributed Mobile Q & A System Based on Social Networks
  • DN005
    Behavioral Malware Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks
  • DN006
    Scaling up publish/subscribe overlays using interest correlation for link sharing
  • DN007
    Error- Tolerant Resource Allocation and Payment Minimization for Cloud System
  • DN008
    A System for Denial-of-Service Attack Detection Based on Multivariate Correlation Analysis
  • DN009
    Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in Clouds
  • DN010
    Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme towards Efficient Trust Establishment in DTN
  • DN011
    Self-Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
  • DN012
    Web System Upgrading with Transaction Failure and Strategic Customers
  • DN013
    Formal Usability Constraints Model for Watermarking of Outsourced Datasets
  • DN014
    System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
  • DN015
    Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases
  • DN016
    A Survival Modeling Approach to Biomedical Search Result Diversification using Wikipedia