• EVN001
    Solid Waste Management
  • EVN002
    Removal of Toxic Metal from Industrial Water Using Groundnut Shell
  • EVN003
    Use of Different Organic Wastes for Production of Bio Gas
  • EVN004
    Sampling and Analysis of Industrial Waste Water and Reuse
  • EVN005
    Conversion of Salt Water into Drinking Water
  • EVN006
    Sewage Treatment in Thiruvallur District
  • EVN007
    Site Suitability Evaluation for Textile Sewage Water Treatment Plant Using Remote Sensing Techniques
  • EVN008
    Analysis of Textile Mill Waste Water
  • EVN009
    A Study on Effect of Pollutants on Land and River due to Discharge of Paper Packaging Factory Waste Water
  • EVN010
    Studies on the Concentration of Settable Dust Emitted by Sugar Factory
  • EVN011
    Performance Studies on the Waste Treatment units of a Battery Industry
  • EVN012
    Generation of Electricity using Solid Waste Management
  • EVN013
    Decentralized Solid Waste Management System Involving Active Public and NGO Participation
  • EVN014
    Climate Change, Energy and Decentralized Solid Waste Management
  • EVN015
    Municipal Solid Waste Management under Decentrailisation
  • EVN016
    Waste Management Models and Their Applications on Construction Sites
  • EVN017
    Identification of Potential Zone using Remote Sensing
  • EVN018
    Sampling, Analysis and Design of Effluent Treatment Plant for Leather Industry
  • EVN019
    Study on Fluoride Concentration in Ground Water
  • EVN020
    Design of Bio Gas Plant
  • EVN021
    Bio Gas for Coral Organic Wastes
  • EVN022
    Drinking Water Quality Standards Study in and Around Chennai (Any City)
  • EVN023
    Annual Rainfall Studies for the District of Thiruvallur (Any District)
  • EVN024
    Investigation and Fabrication of Atmospheric Air pollution removal for domestic and Industrial usage