• PR001
    Buckling analysis of aircraft fuselage
  • PR002
    Material comparative analysis in wing ribs and spur
  • PR003
    Stress analysis in compressor blades
  • PR004
    Blade cooling method in turbine blades
  • PR005
    Ablative material coatings in turbine blades
  • PR006
    Buckling analysis in landing gear
  • PR007
    Aero elastic analysis in wing structures
  • PR008
    Numerical analysis of injectors in rocket propellant
  • PR009
    Design and fabrication of ramjet engine
  • PR010
    Design and analysis of bell mouth inlet
  • PR011
    CFD analysis of turbojet inlet
  • PR012
    Design and analysis of rocket nozzle
  • PR013
    CFD analysis of thrust vector control in nozzle
  • PR014
    Design and fabrication of hybrid rocket engine
  • PR015
    Design and fabrication of hybrid rocket engine
  • PR016
    CFD analysis of shock tube
  • PR017
    CFD analysis of combustion chamber cooling methods
  • PR018
    Design and construction of 2 seater cessana aircraft
  • PR019
    Fabrication and ground running of tiger moth aircraft
  • PR020
    Design and fabrication of supersonic wind tunnel