• POW001
    MOSFET based current mode control buck / boost converter
  • POW002
    Transformer less grid feeding current source inverting for solar photovoltaic inverter
  • POW003
    Solar powered dc to dc buck-boost converter with mppt control
  • POW004
    PWM based three phase induction motor speed controller
  • POW005
    Solid state direct online starter for medium voltage three phase induction motor with soft start operation
  • POW006
    Development of an FPGA based SPWM generator for high switching frequency dc/ac inverters
  • POW007
    Voice controlled dc/ac motor
  • POW008
    SCADA for ac motor controller with IGBT
  • POW009
    Analysis and design of a push-pull quasi-resonant boost power factor corrector
  • POW010
    Sensor less operation of brushless dc motor drive using back EMF technique
  • POW011
    Solar powered SPWM generator for high switching frequency DC / AC inverters
  • POW012
    A zero-crossing noise filter for driving synchronous rectifiers of resonant converter
  • POW013
    Grid interactive wind mill or solar inverter
  • POW014
    Diagnosis of underground cable fault overt internet of things (IOT) using GSM
  • POW015
    Vivace (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) a new concept in generation of clean and renewable energy from fluid flow
  • POW016
    Design a nine level inverter using only two H- bridges 
  • POW017
    Matrix key board selector in modern variac using isolating transformer 
  • POW018
    Average -value model of modular multilevel converters considering capacitor voltage ripple
  • POW019
    LMF based control algorithm for single stage three phase grid integrated solar PV system (IEEE-2016)
  • POW020
    Impedance networks and its application in power for electric traction system (IEEE-2016)
  • POW021
    Control and analysis of the modular multilevel with STATCOM functionality(IEEE-2016)
  • POW022
    Universal ac input high density power adapter design with a clamped series resonant(IEEE-2016)
  • POW023
    Variable duty cycle control for quadratic boost PFC converter (IEEE-2016)
  • POW024
    A multi-level converter with a floating bridge for open ended winding motor drive applications (IEEE-2016)
  • POW025
    Practical layouts and dc rail voltage clamping techniques Z- sources inverter (IEEE-2016)
  • POW026
    A single switch ac-dc led driver based on a boost fly back PFC converter with lossless snubber (IEEE-2016)
  • POW027
    Combined phase shift and frequency modulation of a dual active bridge ac-dc converter with PFC (IEEE-2016)
  • POW028
    Least power point tracking method for photovoltaic differential power processing system (IEEE-2016)
  • POW029
    Soft start and voltage control of induction motors using floating capacitor in bridge converters (IEEE-2016)
  • POW030
    Matrix converter based active distribution transformer (IEEE-2016)
  • POW031
    A single stage high frequency resonant ac/ac converter (IEEE-2016)
  • POW032
    A dc voltage controlled variable capacitor for stabilizing the ZVS frequency of a resonant converter for wireless power transfer(IEEE-2016)
  • POW033
    A common grounded Z-source dc-dc converter with high volatage gain (IEEE-2016)
  • POW034
    A high- voltage compliant current-to-digital sensor for dc-dc converters in standard CMOS technology (IEEE-2016)
  • POW035
    A new single-switch isolated high- gain hybrid boosting converter (IEEE-2016)
  • POW036
    A novel medium- voltage modular multilevel dc-dc converter (IEEE-2016)
  • POW037
    Analysis and implementation of a non -isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter with high voltage gain (IEEE-2016)
  • POW038
    Capacitor aging detection in dc-dc converter outraut stage (IEEE-2916)
  • POW039
    Design and steady state analysis of parallel resonant dc-dc converter for high voltage power generator (IEEE-2016)
  • POW040
    A new transformer less buck-boost converter with positive output voltage (IEEE-2016)
  • POW041
    A high efficiency MOSFET transformer less inverter for non isolated micro inverter applications
  • POW042
    A novel drive method for high-speed brushless dc motor operating in a wide range (IEEE-2016)
  • POW043
    Analysis of dual-carrier modulator for bidirectional non inverting buck-boost converter (IEEE-2015)
  • POW044
    Input series-output parallel -connected buck-boost converter (IEEE-2015)
  • POW045
    Soft- switching ac-link three phase ac-ac buck-boost converter (IEEE-2015)
  • POW046
    Photovoltaic burg chare system on energy saving configuration by smart charge management
  • POW047
    PFC cuk converter-fed BLDC motor drive (IEEE-2015)
  • POW048
    Condition monitoring of BLDC motor drive systems by hilbert huang transform(IEEE-2015)
  • POW049
    Design and performance of a cost-effective BLDC drive for water pump application
  • POW050
    Buck converter based model for a brushless dc motor drive without a dc link capacitor
  • POW051
    Nine level cascaded H- bridge inverter (for high performing ups applications )
  • POW052
    Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three-level boost neutral point clamped inverter (IEEE-2015 )
  • POW053
    Performance analysis of control and modulation methods of Z-source inverter (IEEE-2015)
  • POW054
    A BL-CSC converter-fed BLDC motor drive with power factor correction
  • POW055
    A high gain input-parallel output-series dc/dc converter with dual coupled inductors
  • POW056
    An improved method of control the speed and flux of PM-BLDC motors(IEEE-2015)
  • POW057
    Power factor correction in bridgeless -luo converter- fed BLDC motor drive (IEEE-2015)
  • POW058
    A single-phase grid- connected fuel cell system based on a boost- inverter
  • POW059
    Leakage current reduction in a single phase bidirectional ac/dc full-bridge inverter(IEEE2012)
  • POW060
    High power factor ac-dc led driver with flim capacitors
  • POW061
    Power theft identification and energy saver (IJIRSET-2013)
  • POWO100
    Reduced Current Stress Bridgeless CUK PFC Converter with New Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • POWO100
    Reduced Current Stress Bridgeless CUK PFC Converter with New Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • POWO101
    Research on a New Indirect Space Vector Over-Modulation Strategy in Matrix Converter
  • POWO101
    Research on a New Indirect Space Vector Over-Modulation Strategy in Matrix Converter
  • POWO102
    Robust Adaptive Integral Backstepping control for MPPT and UPF of PV System Connected to the Grid
  • POWO103
    Simple Time Averaging Current Quality Evaluation of a Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter
  • POWO104
    Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converters With Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers and Reduced Switch Count
  • POWO105
    Single-stage Three-phase Differential-mode Buck-Boost Inverters with Continuous Input Current for PV Applications
  • POWO106
    Synchronization Strategies in Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverters for Carrier Based Sinusoidal PWM Techniques
  • POWO107
    Three-level PWM Floating H-bridge Sinewave Power Inverter for High-voltage and High efficiency Applications
  • POWO108
    Unity Power Factor Operation of Indirect Matrix Converter Tied to Unbalanced Grid
  • POWO109
    ZVS-ZCS High Voltage Gain Integrated Boost Converter For DC Microgrid
  • POWO62
    20 mV Input, 4.2 V Output Boost Converter with Methodology of Maximum Output Power for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
  • POWO63
    A Family of Isolated Buck-Boost Converters Based on Semi-active Rectifiers for High Output Voltage Applications
  • POWO64
    A High Step-up Bidirectional Isolated Dual-Active- Bridge Converter with Three-Level Voltage-Doubler Rectifier for Energy Storage Applications
  • POWO65
    A Millimeter Wave High-Order TE13 Mode Converter
  • POWO66
    A Modified Reference of Intermediate Bus Capacitor Voltage Based Second Harmonic Current Reduction Method for a Stand-alone Photovoltaic Power System
  • POWO67
    A New Transformerless Buck-Boost Converter With Positive Output Voltage
  • POWO68
    A Novel Buck-Boost AC-AC Converter with Both Inverting and Non-inverting Operations and Without Commutation Problem
  • POWO69
    A Novel High Gain Step-Up Resonant DC-DC Converter for Automotive Application
  • POWO70
    A Novel high step-up Dual switches converter with Coupled Inductor and voltage multiplier cell for a renewable energy system
  • POWO71
    A Pulse-Width Modulation Technique for High Voltage Gain Operation of Three-Phase Z-Source Inverters
  • POWO72
    A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter Based on Semi-Active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications
  • POWO73
    A Single-Phase Buck-Boost Matrix Converter with Only Six Switches and Without Commutation Problem
  • POWO74
    A Single-Switch Converter with High Step-up Gain and Low Diode Voltage Stress Suitable for Green Power-Source Conversion
  • POWO75
    A Three Switching State Boost Converter Mixed with Magnetic Coupling and Voltage Multiplier Techniques for High Gain Conversion
  • POWO76
    AC-DC-AC Three-Phase Converter Based on Three Three-Leg Converters Connected in Series
  • POWO77
    An Isolated High Step-Up Converter with Continuous Input Current and LC Snubber
  • POWO78
    An Isolated High Step-Up Converter with Continuous Input Current and LC Snubber
  • POWO79
    Full-Range Soft-Switching Isolated Buck-Boost Converters With Integrated Interleaved Boost Converter and Phase-Shifted Control
  • POWO80
    Analysis and Design Considerations of Integrated 3-Level Buck Converters
  • POWO81
    Asymmetrical Duty Cycle Controlled LLC Resonant Converter With equivalent Switching Frequency Doubler
  • POWO82
    Bidirectional Resonant DC-DC Step-up Converters for Driving High-voltage Actuators in Mobile Micro robots
  • POWO83
    Closed-Loop Design and Time-Optimal Control for a Series-Capacitor Buck Converter
  • POWO84
    Digital Noninverting Buck-Boost Converter With Enhanced Duty Cycle-Overlap Control
  • POWO85
    High Efficient Multiple-input Buck-Boost Converter for Energy Harvesting Systems
  • POWO86
    Fuzzy Logic Control of Buck Converter for Photo Voltaic Emulator
  • POWO87
    High Efficient Multiple-input Buck-Boost Converter for Energy Harvesting Systems
  • POWO88
    High Gain DC-DC Converter Based on the Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier
  • POWO89
    High Step-Up/Down Ratio Isolated Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter for Battery Energy Storage Systems on Microgrids
  • POWO90
    High Step-Up Forward-Flyback Converter with Parallel Output
  • POWO91
  • POWO92
    Improved Three-Phase Micro-Inverter Using Dynamic Dead Time Optimization and Phase- Skipping Control Techniques
  • POWO93
    Isolated High Step-Up DC-DC Converter Based on Quasi-Switched-Boost Network
  • POWO94
    Model Predictive Control of Quasi-Z-Source Four-Leg Inverter
  • POWO95
    Non-isolated Interleaved DC-DC Converter for High Voltage Gain Applications
  • POWO96
    Nonlinear control for MPPT and UPF of PV System Connected to the Grid
  • POWO97
    Novel Three Phase Multi-Level Inverter Topology with Symmetrical DC-Voltage Sources
  • POWO98
    Power Factor Correction in BLDC motor Drives Using DC-DC Converters
  • POWO99
    Simulation, Construction, and Validation of a DC/DC Buck Power Converter–DC Motor System