• BO001
    Remote monitoring system of ECG and body temperature signals (IEEE 2013)
  • BO002
    Centralized heart rate monitoring telemetry system using zigbee wireless sensor network (IEEE 2012)
  • BO003
    Systems for remote monitoring of indoor air quality and respiration of wheelchair users (IEEE 2012)
  • BO004
    Retina Based Mouse Control (RBMC)
  • BO005
    Human body temperature monitoring system
  • BO006
    RF Based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
  • BO007
    Advanced Remote Temperature and Heart Rate Monitoring System
  • BO008
    Como stage patient nerve sensitivity alert system
  • BO009
    Centralized monitoring system for hospital
  • BO010
    Complete Body Scanning System with BP & RF
  • BO011
    Advances Home Care System For Patients (ADHOC)
  • BO012
    Automatic baby bed moving system
  • BO013
    SMS based patient monitoring system
  • BO014
    Patient treatment recorder
  • BO015
    Remote Medical Monitoring Through Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
  • BO016
    Bedside Patient Monitoring System with Wireless Sensor Network
  • BO017
    Microcontroller based automatic drug injector
  • BO018
    ZIGBEE based Bio Med Coat with ECG and Heart Beat Monitoring
  • BO019
    RFID Based Health Card System
  • BO020
    Blood pressure monitoring system
  • BO021
    Hospital Automation with Patient Monitoring System
  • BO022
    Head Movement based Wheel Chair Control System for Paralyzed Patients
  • BO023
    Microcontroller based pulse rate monitoring system
  • BO024
    Bio Sensing Head / Neck / Eye Movement Based Driver Alert System
  • BO025
    Monitoring System for Premature Babies
  • BO026
    Intelligent Mobile Based Patient Monitoring System
  • BO027
    Blind Identification and Equalization of FIR – Finite Impulse Response
  • BO028
    Wearable EDA Sensor Gloves using Conducting Fabric and Embedded System
  • BO029
    Medical signal processing in the ICU
  • BO030
    A Continuous glucose monitoring system in critical cardiac patients in the Intensive Care Unit
  • BO031
    Temperature and respiration monitoring system
  • BO032
    ZIGBEE Based Medi Care - Patient Monitoring System with WAP RF BP
  • BO033
    Patient medical information ATM system with finger print identification technology
  • BO034
    Patient health information management system using finger print
  • BO035
    RFID based patient identification and medicine information system
  • BO036
    A Portable Wireless Eye Movement-Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the Disabled
  • BO037
    ZIGBEE Based Health Monitoring System
  • BO038
    Digital trip monitor and alarm system
  • BO039
    Head tracking for driver assistance
  • BO040
    Involuntary, biometric door access control and attendance protection system
  • BO041
    MEMS based home/industrial automation system
  • BO042
    Advanced Body Temperature / ECG / Hearth Beat Monitoring
  • BO043
    MEMS based PC commands using hand signals
  • BO044
    Heart pulse monitoring through telephone line
  • BO045
    MEMS with ZIGBEE wireless based light ON/OFF with automatic voice announcement system for disabled patients
  • BO046
    RFID Based Medical Equipments Location Finding & Maintenance
  • BO047
    A Hand Gesture System For Controlling Wheel Chair
  • BO048
    ECG monitoring system through telephone
  • BO049
    Design of A Bionic Electro Location Sensor For Coronary Diagnostics
  • BO050
    Auto phone control using hand signals for disabled patients using MEMS
  • BO051
    Voice controlled Wheel Chair System
  • BO052
    Hand Talk – Assistive Technology for the Dumb
  • BO053
    RFID Based Medicine Expiry Date Verification
  • BO054
    Ultrasonic and voice based walking stick for the blind people
  • BO055
    Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic
  • BO056
    Measurement of Inhaled / Exhaled Respiratory System