• PL001
    Authentication and authorization mechanisms for substation automation in smart grid network (IEEE 2013)
  • PL002
    PLC based injection Moulding machine
  • PL003
    PLC based Three axis welding Robot
  • PL004
    Integrated communication technology for supervisory control and data acquisition system of PV power station(IEEE 2012)
  • PL005
    PLC based automatic visitor guided vehicle
  • PL006
    PLC based automatic car washing machine
  • PL007
    PLC based boiler automation
  • PL008
    PLC based voice controlled Machines
  • PL009
    PLC based automatic power factor controlling system
  • PL010
    PLC based multi-channel temperature monitoring and controlling system
  • PL011
    PLC based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
  • PL012
    PLC based Self centering Four-jaw Chuck
  • PL013
    PLC based Traffic Density Control Using Sensor
  • PL014
    PLC based Automatic Car Washing System
  • PL015
    PLC based automatic dam shutter open/close system
  • PL016
    PLC based Railways Accident Avoiding System
  • PL017
    PLC based industrial timer controller for multiple machines
  • PL018
    PLC based automatic Multi-machine Lubrication System
  • PL019
    PLC based Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controlling System
  • PL020
    PLC based Powder Coating Machine
  • PL021
    PLC based automatic packing control machine
  • PL022
    PLC based Online Inspection Machine
  • PL023
    PLC Based Thermal Overload Protection for Transformer
  • PL024
    PLC based automatic punching machine
  • PL025
    PLC based Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV)
  • PL026
    PLC based Material Trolley Controller
  • PL027
    PLC based Industrial Monitoring system
  • PL028
    PLC based industrial or home security system
  • PL029
    PLC based hospital connecting system
  • PL030
    PLC based automatic industrial or school or college time management system
  • PL031
    PLC based home appliances controlling system
  • PL032
    PLC based Plate Cutting Machine
  • PL033
    PLC based Automatic Coffee Vending Machine
  • PL034
    PLC based irrigation controller for garden
  • PL035
    PLC based Remote controlled Pick and Place Robot
  • PL036
    PLC based door open and closing system
  • PL037
    PLC based D.C/A.C Motor Speed Monitoring system
  • PL038
    PLC based Filter Reactor In Sugar Factory
  • PL039
    PLC based double axis crane
  • PL040
    PLC based Intelligent Braking System
  • PL041
    PLC based Automatic Humidification system
  • PL042
    PLC based water level Indicator and Controlling System
  • PL043
    PLC based multiple transformer fault detection and production system
  • PL044
    PLC based Automatic Car Parking System
  • PL045
    PLC based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • PL046
    PLC based Temperature/Pressure Controller
  • PL047
    PLC based boiler pressure monitoring and controlling system
  • PL048
    PLC based Automatic Bottle Filling System
  • PL049
    PLC based Elevator Controller
  • PL050
    PLC based Automatic Industrial Drainage Timer [ Request for Synopsis ]