• SM001
    A Study on the effective design of procurement system
  • SM002
    A Study on information security using public key information
  • SM003
    A Study on awareness of band and promotion through VSAT technology
  • SM004
    A Study on Leadership styles and E-commerce adoption An analysis of Thai food exporters
  • SM005
    A Study on The role of loyal consumers on grocery e-commerce adoption in India
  • SM005
    A Study on The role of loyal consumers on grocery e-commerce adoption in India
  • SM006
    A Study on Managing Media Supply Chains in European Publishing Companies
  • SM007
    A Study on Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services
  • SM008
    A Study on IT Strategies in organizations
  • SM009
    A Study On Effectiveness of Existing Payroll System Of Seabirds Group and Co and Developing a Comprehensive New Payroll System
  • SM010
    A Study on Backup and Recovery Scheduler
  • SM011
    A Study on evaluation of defect management system
  • SM012
    A Study on Remote Monitoring System
  • SM013
    A Study on Database Enterprise Manager
  • SM014
    A Study on development of Call Center Management
  • SM015
    A Study On the Planning of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • SM016
    A Study on Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless lans
  • SM017
    A Study On Secure and Policy-Compliant Source Routing
  • SM018
    Enforcing Minimum-Cost Multicast Routing against Selfish Information Flows
  • SM019
    Work-life balance in IT sector
  • SM020
    Impact of IT/ITES growth on real estate industry
  • SM021
    A study to understand the training and development practices followed in IT – IT’s industry
  • SM022
    Understanding the cross cultural needs of MNC BPO’S in India
  • SM023
    A study on deployment of information technology in educational institutions
  • SM024
    A study on customer buying behaviour of electronic security systems in banking sector
  • SM025
    Organizational structure of the support function department of the mid-size it companies