• MI001
    Fabrication of pneumatic quick return mechanism
  • MI002
    Automatic pneumatic emergency exit for car and Bus
  • MI003
    Pneumatic cold chamber die casting machine
  • MI004
    Non-conventional door based power generation system
  • MI005
    Brake shoe monitoring system
  • MI006
    Fabrication of spring loaded fan
  • MI007
    Manual operated cold chamber die casting machine
  • MI008
    Manual operated cold chamber die casting machine
  • MI009
    Pedal operated water pumping system
  • MI010
    Nano abrasive rails filter
  • MI011
    Automatic pneumatic disc braking system
  • MI012
    Fabrication of automatic pneumatic jack
  • MI013
    Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensors
  • MI014
    Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
  • MI015
    Fabrication of weighing bridge in moving vehicle
  • MI016
    Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone
  • MI017
    Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
  • MI018
    Automatic track guided vehicle (ATGV)
  • MI019
    Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
  • MI020
    Fabrication of compressed air generation using speed breaker
  • MI021
    Fabrication of motorized center stand for cycle/bike
  • MI022
    Automatic magnetic accident preventer for train
  • MI023
    Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking and bumper system
  • MI024
    Energy conversion from roadways using kinetic motion
  • MI025
    Design and fabrication wall glass cleaning machine
  • MI026
    Automatic car covering system
  • MI027
    Automated over tank cleaning system
  • MI028
    Design and fabrication of self balancing vehicle (model)
  • MI029
    Design and automation of smart blind stick
  • MI030
    Fabrication of hydraulic sensing cutting machine
  • MI031
    Automatic multi directional photo shearing machine
  • MI032
    Fabrication of anti theft steering system
  • MI033
    Fabrication of semi automatic weed remover
  • MI034
    Fabrication of automatic shoe polishing machine
  • MI035
    Fabrication of solar wood cutter
  • MI036
    Rotary gate power generation system
  • MI037
    Pedal operated ramming machine
  • MI038
    2-jaw parallel gripper mechanism
  • MI039
    Gear cutting attachment in lathe
  • MI040
    Prevention kit for driving two wheeler without helmet
  • MI041
    Fabrication of button operated hydraulic jack
  • MI042
    Fabrication of six bar linkage mechanism
  • MI043
    Remote controlled scissor jack
  • MI044
    Pneumatic spiral punching machine
  • MI045
    Smart cane (stick) for visually impaired people
  • MI046
    Air pollution monitor
  • MI047
    Automatic traffic and street light controller
  • MI048
    Automatic rain operated wiper
  • MI049
    Multipurpose keyway attachments in lathe
  • MI050
    Fabrication of miniature boiler
  • MI051
    Design and fabrication of plant trimmer
  • MI052
    Electrical energy can be produced by using vibration
  • MI053
    Fabrication of milling attachment for lathe
  • MI054
    Solar powered automatic head light dim/bright controller
  • MI055
    Pneumatic multipurpose grinder
  • MI056
    Fabrication of pneumatic garage door opener
  • MI057
    Fabrication of magneto-bearing system
  • MI058
    Mini fire fighting robot
  • MI059
    Internal grinding attachment in lathe
  • MI060
    Fabrication of spark plug cleaner and tester
  • MI061
    Solar lighting system with auto tracking
  • MI062
    Automatic temperature control by switching the fan
  • MI063
    Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
  • MI064
    Automatic vehicle accident information system
  • MI065
    Fabrication of solar bird scarer
  • MI066
    Fabrication of shaft runs out checker
  • MI067
    Fabrication of marble polishing machine
  • MI068
    Conveyer for quality control
  • MI069
    Simple leg walking mechanism
  • MI070
    Fabrication of pantograph milling machine
  • MI071
    Eccentric ramming machine
  • MI072
    Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose machine
  • MI073
    Fabrication of solar fan with lighting system
  • MI074
    Line following robot
  • MI075
    Fabrication of spring separator
  • MI076
    Fabrication of box type solar cooker
  • MI077
    Neodymium magnetic shock absorber
  • MI078
    Fabrication of pneumatic vice
  • MI079
    Automatic vehicle locking system by without helmet
  • MI080
    Remote controlled boiler flame on/off with flame adjustment system
  • MI081
    Pneumatic bearing press machine
  • MI082
    Automatic head-lamp alignment system for automobile
  • MI083
    Automatic rain sensing window for home
  • MI084
    Magnetic power transmission for machine
  • MI085
    Power generation from speed breaker by using roller mechanism
  • MI086
    Integrated drunk and drive prevention system
  • MI087
    Foot press hand washing machine
  • MI088
    Fabrication of plant cutter
  • MI089
    Foot operated hydraulic lifting system
  • MI090
    Motorized screw jack
  • MI091
    Fabrication of rotary vacuum pump
  • MI092
    Fabrication of hydraulic pallet truck
  • MI093
    Automatic transformer heat reduction system
  • MI094
    Automatic pressure controller cum valve open/close arrangement
  • MI095
    Automatic over load indication for bridge
  • MI096
    Wire rope elevator
  • MI097
    Fabrication of floor cleaning machine
  • MI098
    Fabrication of laminar flow water turbine
  • MI099
    Fabrication of universal tapping machine
  • MI100
    Fabrication of sand collecting vehicle
  • MI101
    Fabrication of swing motion power generation system
  • MI102
    Fabrication of rotary kaller
  • MI103
    Solar cell phone charger
  • MI104
    Automatic Pneumatic stand for two wheeler
  • MI105
    Fabrication of hydraulic vehicle turn table
  • MI106
    Pneumatic forging machine
  • MI107
    Wheel chair cum stretcher model in hospital application
  • MI108
    Pneumatic scissor lifter
  • MI109
    Fabrication of hydraulic fork lift
  • MI110
    Fabrication of zig-saw cutting machine
  • MI111
    Automatic side stands with breaking locking system
  • MI112
    Self lubricated Hydraulic gear pump
  • MI113
    Fuel processing (hydrogen gas production) technology
  • MI114
    Fabrication of super magnetic breaking system
  • MI115
    Fabrication of chain tightener
  • MI116
    Magnetic suspension in vehicle
  • MI117
    Fabrication of hand operated plate bending machine
  • MI118
    Slotting attachment in drilling machine
  • MI119
    Automatic solar street light controller
  • MI120
    Pneumatic ground driller
  • MI121
    Abrasive belt grinder
  • MI122
    Solar panel sun tracking system
  • MI123
    Pneumatic door open/close mechanism
  • MI124
    Bio fuel extractor from bio oil
  • MI125
    Fabrication mini solar air cooler
  • MI126
    Fabrication of gear tooth grinding machine
  • MI127
    Lathe coolant pump with fitting arrangement
  • MI128
    Vehicle ignition using RFID smart card
  • MI129
    Fabrication of mobile charging from shoe
  • MI130
    Fabrication of parabolic solar cooker
  • MI131
    Fabrication of pneumatic griper
  • MI132
    Fabrication of manual operated pipe bending machine
  • MI133
    Automatic break in hill station
  • MI134
    Pedal operated cell phone charger
  • MI135
    Fabrication of pneumatic horning machine
  • MI136
    Automatic vehicle accident prevention system
  • MI137
    Fabrication of automatic board cleaner
  • MI138
    Emission tester (CO2) for automobile
  • MI139
    Fabrication of water pumping system by using river force
  • MI140
    Automatic lamination machine
  • MI141
    Pneumatic speed breaker with day night control
  • MI142
    Fabrication of tyre pressure monitoring system
  • MI143
    Automatic dimensioning machine
  • MI144
    Fabrication of tool post grinder
  • MI145
    Tree branch cutting machine
  • MI146
    Fabrication of mini jet engine
  • MI147
    Air compressor using crank and slotted link mechanism
  • MI148
    Intelligent braking system in four wheeler (IBS)
  • MI149
    Pneumatic scissor jack For loading vegetables to lorry
  • MI150
    Involute gear profile error detector
  • MI151
    Automatic spring rolling machine
  • MI152
    Fabrication of pneumatic power generation
  • MI153
    Pneumatic operated sequence valve
  • MI154
    Fabrication of rotary vane pump
  • MI155
    Pneumatic tin/can crusher
  • MI156
    Fabrication of small stair climber
  • MI157
    Fabrication of emission control of diesel engine
  • MI158
    Fabrication of pneumatic conveyor
  • MI159
    Fabrication of air leak detector
  • MI160
    Coin based cell phone charger with pay system
  • MI161
    Portable smoke exhaust system
  • MI162
    Fabrication of hydraulic floor crane
  • MI163
    Fabrication of bucket wheel escalator
  • MI164
    Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine
  • MI165
    Fabrication of Sterling engine fan
  • MI166
    Fabrication of beans sheller machine
  • MI167
    Design and fabrication of cam vice
  • MI168
    Digital fuel level with expected millage indicator
  • MI169
    Cyclone separator with blower
  • MI170
    Universal milling machine in lathe
  • MI171
    Fabrication of hydraulic ladder
  • MI172
    Fabrication of solar dryer
  • MI173
    Fabrication of automatic high speed object counter
  • MI174
    Fabrication of solar water heater
  • MI175
    Fabrication of aqua silencer
  • MI176
    Fabrication of aqua silencer
  • MI177
    Portable vegetable cutter and slicer
  • MI178
    Power generation from small wind mill
  • MI179
    Hydraulic cylinder liner puller
  • MI180
    Eccentric motorized hack saw machine
  • MI181
    Compressor gas level digital indicator with alarm system
  • MI182
    Pneumatic brick making machine
  • MI183
    Automatic pneumatic reciprocating grinding machine
  • MI184
    Catalytic converter for automobile
  • MI185
    Automatic vehicle overloading alert system
  • MI186
    Power saving system for lathe
  • MI187
    Electro magnetic suspension system
  • MI188
    Fabrication of pneumatic drill jig
  • MI189
    Fabrication of easy handling belt grinding machine
  • MI190
    Remote controlled car/bus door open/close mechanism
  • MI191
    Automatic hand wash with soap solution
  • MI192
    Fabrication of tilting and swivel vice
  • MI193
    Steam paint removing machine
  • MI194
    Fabrication of mini water service station
  • MI195
    Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
  • MI196
    Fabrication of hydraulic tail stock
  • MI197
    Automatic pneumatic hammer
  • MI198
    Fabrication of twin spindle drill holder
  • MI199
    Fabrication of automatic lubrication system
  • MI200
    Fabrication of sand slinger
  • MI201
    Automatic vehicle speed measuring using IR rays
  • MI202
    Fabrication of cam operated valve
  • MI203
    Anti dazzling head light for two wheeler
  • MI204
    Manual operating spoiler in a vehicle
  • MI205
    Automatic plant water moisturizing system for garden
  • MI206
    Portable circular saw cutting machine
  • MI207
    Contour turning attachment for lathe
  • MI208
    Automatic road curve finder (or) speed breaker finder
  • MI209
    Digital gear level indicator for automobile
  • MI210
    Automatic head light dim/bright and engine over heating alarm
  • MI211
    Universal power automatic jack
  • MI212
    Fabrication of tube rolling machine
  • MI213
    Automatic reserve indication system
  • MI214
    Pneumatic bending/bend removing machine
  • MI215
    Efficient cooling system for lathe
  • MI216
    Automatic bottle filling machine
  • MI217
    Fabrication of metal crack detector
  • MI218
    Auto breaking system for four wheeler
  • MI219
    Pedal operated pneumatic vice
  • MI220
    Energy saving light arrangement
  • MI221
    Fabrication of wood grooving machine
  • MI222
    Automatic pneumatic sheet cutting machine
  • MI223
    Fabrication of pneumatic tail stock
  • MI224
    Electrical steering system for automobile
  • MI225
    Electrical steering system for automobile
  • MI226
    Fabrication of manual lawn mover
  • MI227
    Power generation using two way rotation to one way rotation
  • MI228
    Fabrication of electronic ignition system
  • MI229
    Side stand retriever System for two wheeler
  • MI230
    Electric power from industrial waste water
  • MI231
    Simple mechanical cruise speed control for two wheeler
  • MI232
    Automatic bottle washing machine
  • MI233
    Piezo electric power generating shock absorber
  • MI234
    Electro-magnetic braking system (EMBS)
  • MI235
    Motor operated vegetable cutting machine
  • MI236
    Two wheeler automation with security system
  • MI237
    Fabrication of solar air heater
  • MI238
    Mini wind mill cell phone charger
  • MI239
    Fabrication of oil pump testing equipment
  • MI240
    Cordless security system for cars
  • MI241
    Quick lifting jack with gear arrangement
  • MI242
    Fabrication of automatic hand break release
  • MI243
    Emergency braking system in four wheeler (EBS)
  • MI244
    Automatic door open/close mechanism
  • MI245
    Pneumatic operated counter balanced valve
  • MI246
    Automatic mechanical type water tape controlling system
  • MI247
    Fabrication of fuel Injector testing equipment
  • MI248
    Eccentric brick breaker
  • MI249
    Sensor based automatic escalator movement
  • MI250
    Pantograph universal gas cutting machine
  • MI251
    Fabrication of engine oil alerting system
  • MI252
    Fabrication of rotary gear pump
  • MI253
    Motorized hydraulic jack
  • MI254
    Pneumatic reciprocating hack saw machine
  • MI255
    Fabrication of ratchet mechanism using screw jack
  • MI256
    Power saving conveyor for industry
  • MI257
    Car or bus reverse operation navigation system by using IR rays
  • MI258
    Hydraulic brake shoe riveting machine
  • MI259
    Electrical power generation from over head water tank
  • MI260
    Fabrication of hydraulic trolley type jack
  • MI261
    Design and fabrication of sand mixer
  • MI262
    Pneumatic switch board cutter
  • MI263
    Automatic dam shutter controlling system
  • MI264
    Low cost anti lock breaking system
  • MI265
    Fabrication of ground dryer
  • MI266
    Fabrication of self lubricated gear pump
  • MI267
    Digital locking (Fuel, ignition) system (password) for two wheeler
  • MI268
    Automatic rain operated wiper and head light dim/bright controller
  • MI269
    Fabrication of automatic musical water fountain
  • MI270
    Fabrication of ylindrical grinding machine
  • MI271
    Fabrication of pneumatic lifting table
  • MI272
    Pneumatic operated table clamping device
  • MI273
    Fabrication of coin based automatic water dispenser
  • MI274
    Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
  • MI275
    Elimination of carbon particles from exhaust gas
  • MI276
    Fabrication of eccentric hammer
  • MI277
    Quick return mechanism by crank and slotted link
  • MI278
    Automatic break failure indicator
  • MI279
    Geothermal heating and cooling
  • MI280
    Film frame by using geneva mechanism
  • MI281
    Manual operated paper recycling machine
  • MI282
    Hydraulic Power Clamping Vice
  • MI283
    Angle Holding Double Jaw Vice
  • MI284
    Triple Shaft Weld Fix
  • MI285
    Dual Mode Fixture
  • MI286
    High Pressure Pneumatic Machine Vice
  • MI287
    Design and Fabrication of Leaf Jig For Contour Profile Component
  • MI287
    Pneumatic High Speed Sheet Cutting Machine
  • MI288
    Design and Fabrication of Sandwich Jig for U Bracket