• PHY001
    Pneumatic wheel chair cum bed
  • PHY002
    Pneumatic auto gear changer
  • PHY003
    Pneumatic leaf-cup making machine
  • PHY004
    Compressed air generation using speed breaker
  • PHY005
    Auto indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping machine
  • PHY006
    Fabrication of hydraulic tail stock
  • PHY007
    Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
  • PHY008
    Fabrication of pneumatic belt conveyor
  • PHY009
    Pneumatic coconut dehusking machine
  • PHY010
    Fabrication of smart energy monitoring break over module
  • PHY011
    Automatic pneumatic bottle washing machine
  • PHY012
    Fabrication of air brake system using exhaust gas
  • PHY013
    Fabrication of pneumatic bell crank press
  • PHY014
    Pneumatic time reduction in shaping machine
  • PHY015
    Automatic paint spraying equipment
  • PHY016
    Pneumatic multipurpose press system
  • PHY017
    Hydraulic lift with power pack
  • PHY018
    Pneumatic envelope cover making machine
  • PHY019
    Compressor gas level digital indicator with alarm system
  • PHY020
    Motorized triangular air compressor
  • PHY021
    Pneumatic four (or) six axis JCB equipment
  • PHY022
    Paper cup making machine
  • PHY023
    Pneumatic reciprocating hack saw machine
  • PHY024
    Hydro-Pneumatic vice with pressure booster
  • PHY025
    Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
  • PHY026
    Automatic electro hydraulic jack
  • PHY027
    Fabrication of hydraulic fork lift
  • PHY028
    Fabrication of hydraulic sensing cutting machine
  • PHY029
    Combination of emergency, intelligence and anti-lock braking system
  • PHY030
    Automatic pneumatic double axis welding machine
  • PHY031
    Automatic multi point grease gun
  • PHY032
    Hydraulic TMT rod bending machine
  • PHY033
    Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking and bumper system
  • PHY034
    Fabrication of pneumatic steering for ship
  • PHY035
    Pneumatic operated Inspection conveyor
  • PHY036
    Fabrication of pneumatic pellet press
  • PHY037
    Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
  • PHY038
    Magneto rheological fluid (MRF) braking system
  • PHY039
    Automatic hydro-pneumatic lubrication system
  • PHY040
    Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer
  • PHY041
    Mini Hydraulic hand operated zip crane
  • PHY042
    Automated paper cup feeding and making machine
  • PHY043
    Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose machine
  • PHY044
    Pneumatic road marking machine
  • PHY045
    Automatic pneumatic vice and jack
  • PHY046
    Generative braking system using pneumatic interface
  • PHY047
    Pneumatic operated ladle tilting mechanism for foundries
  • PHY048
    Active brake torque vectoring in differential unit
  • PHY049
    Hydraulic cylinder liner puller
  • PHY050
    Fabrication of bore well child rescuing machine
  • PHY051
    Hydraulic parking attachment for car
  • PHY052
    Pneumatic auto feed drilling machine
  • PHY053
    Automatic emergency exit and tyre inflation system
  • PHY054
    Pneumatic operated Emergency Braking System (EBS)
  • PHY055
    Automatic fault egg sorting machine
  • PHY056
    Pneumatic brick handling machine
  • PHY057
    Fabrication of mini hydraulic press
  • PHY058
    Multiple roller handling pneumatic manipulator
  • PHY059
    Automatic PVC pipe feeding and cutting machine
  • PHY060
    Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler
  • PHY061
    Pneumatic automatic vegetable cutting machine
  • PHY062
    Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
  • PHY063
    Automatic pneumatic punching and riveting machine
  • PHY064
    Safety system to avoid accident when driver in sleep
  • PHY065
    Manual hydraulic sheet cutting machine
  • PHY066
    Automatic pneumatic chapatti making machine
  • PHY067
    Intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler
  • PHY068
    Automatic differential unit locking system
  • PHY069
    Fabrication of air bag system for two wheeler
  • PHY070
    Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
  • PHY071
    Foot operated hydraulic vice
  • PHY072
    Pneumatic gear tooth grinding machine
  • PHY073
    Pneumatic double side cutter width work mechanism
  • PHY074
    Automatic side stands with breaking locking system
  • PHY075
    Design and fabrication of human air bag
  • PHY076
    Fabrication of pneumatic mobile crane
  • PHY077
    Fully automated hydraulic crane
  • PHY078
    Pneumatic cutting and grinding machine
  • PHY079
    Magneto hydro dynamic (MHD) breaking
  • PHY080
    Automatic pneumatic hammer
  • PHY081
    Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
  • PHY082
    Automatic coconut cutting machine
  • PHY083
    Pneumatic scissor Lifter
  • PHY084
    Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
  • PHY085
    Automatic electro hydraulic braking system
  • PHY086
    Automatic pneumatic jack for four wheeler
  • PHY087
    Pneumatic double axis escalator arm
  • PHY088
    Pneumatic bearing press and puller
  • PHY089
    Automatic parking breaking system for four wheeler
  • PHY090
    Double axis pneumatic JCB equipment
  • PHY091
    Automatic pneumatic ramming machine
  • PHY092
    Fabrication of auto feed pneumatic vice
  • PHY093
    Automatic sensor operated pneumatic braking system
  • PHY094
    Hydraulic armature bearing remove system
  • PHY095
    Automobile suspension made of hydraulic magneto rheological damper
  • PHY096
    Hydraulic sheet bending machine with power pack
  • PHY097
    Button operated pneumatic gear changer in two wheeler
  • PHY098
    Remote controlled car/bus door open/close mechanism
  • PHY099
    Design and fabrication of pneumatic automatic printing press
  • PHY100
    Pneumatic operated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • PHY101
    Automatic reverse locking system using differential unit
  • PHY102
    Fabrication of pneumatic slotting machine
  • PHY103
    Pneumatic powered bicycle
  • PHY104
    Automatic pick and place paint spraying equipment
  • PHY105
    Multipurpose sheet metal cutting and bending machine
  • PHY106
    Fabrication of pedal operated air compressor
  • PHY107
    Quick lifting hydraulic jack with gear arrangement
  • PHY108
    Pneumatic Injection moulding machine
  • PHY109
    Electro hydraulic system for automation in vehicle
  • PHY110
    Inbuilt hydraulic jack for automobile
  • PHY111
    Pneumatic six axis material handling equipment
  • PHY112
    Fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
  • PHY113
    Electronic assisted hydraulic breaking system
  • PHY114
    Fabrication of automatic colour code sensing punching machine
  • PHY115
    Fabrication of pneumatic disc brake
  • PHY116
    Pneumatic plastic crushing and moulding machine
  • PHY117
    Injection molding for key cover plate
  • PHY118
    Automatic pneumatic sheet cutting machine
  • PHY119
    Pneumatic auto feed riveting machine
  • PHY120
    Accident avoiding system for punching machine