• FM001
    An individual perception and consumer behaviour on mutual funds
  • FM002
    Comparative study of mutual fund returns and insurance returns
  • FM003
    Performance analysis of mutual fund
  • FM004
    An analysis about a financial statement of an organization
  • FM005
    A study on financial performance
  • FM006
    Comparison of current shares
  • FM007
    A study on performance evaluation
  • FM008
    An economic and financial analysis of commercial banks evolving a competitive strategy
  • FM009
    A study on commodity futures as an investment avenue
  • FM010
    A study on the analysis of price movement of shares and company performance with respect to information technology and automobile industries
  • FM011
    A study on the role of financial futures
  • FM012
    Changing technology and customer needs in the banking industry
  • FM013
    A comparative study of mutual fund returns and bank deposits
  • FM014
    A study on financial sickness
  • FM015
    A study on evaluation of budgetary control system
  • FM016
    Study on the imperative information for automation of inventory management system
  • FM017
    A study on working capital management
  • FM018
    A study on persistence and inclination stock price impact
  • FM019
    A study on performance of equity funds and debt funds
  • FM020
    Study on cost control system
  • FM021
    A study on ABC analysis of material management
  • FM022
    A study on the effectiveness of budget and budgetary control
  • FM023
    A study on financial statement analysis
  • FM024
    A study on the economic value addition
  • FM025
    Analysis of working capital with reference to accounts payable and stocks
  • FM026
    Study on bank finance for working capital requirements
  • FM027
    A study on portfolio management and investments in interconnected stock exchange
  • FM028
    A comparative study on one time investment and systematic investment plans in mutual fund
  • FM029
    A study on investing parameters of mutual fund
  • FM030
    A study on growth and influence of depository
  • FM031
    A study on utilization of working capital
  • FM032
    Analyze the existing system of capital budgeting process
  • FM033
    A study on the performance and preference of mutual funds
  • FM034
    The analysis of risk involved in portfolio management
  • FM035
    A study on analyze the performance
  • FM036
    A study on performance of mid capital stocks
  • FM037
    A study on mutual fund analysis
  • FM038
    Statement analysis & business valuation
  • FM039
    Foreign exchange & risk management
  • FM040
    Technical and fundamental analysis of chosen securities
  • FM041
    Equity analysis banks
  • FM042
    Banking structure
  • FM043
    Report on equity valuation
  • FM044
    Working capital management
  • FM045
    A study on performance evaluation of growth funds
  • FM046
    A study on material control techniques
  • FM047
    A study on inventory control management
  • FM048
    A study on risk management
  • FM049
    A study on investment portfolio
  • FM050
    A study on receivables management
  • FM051
    A study on derivative market based on technical analysis
  • FM052
    An analytical study on performance
  • FM053
    A study on risk and return analysis of equity based tax saving funds