• MM001
    A study on customer satisfaction towards a software products
  • MM002
    A study on the performance and investors
  • MM003
    A study on brand awareness and customer expectation
  • MM004
    A study on consumer preferences in an organization
  • MM005
    A study on foreign institutional investments
  • MM006
    Competitive advantage in retail industry
  • MM007
    A study on customer satisfaction towards “branded engine oil”
  • MM008
    A study on attrition & retention measures for the outsourced sales force
  • MM009
    Investment opportunities in mutual funds
  • MM010
    The awareness of mutual fund
  • MM011
    Online share trading
  • MM012
    Analysis of the role of outdoor advertising and establishing strategies for managing space media
  • MM013
    Consumer perception of m-commerce
  • MM014
    A study on the effective of advertisement programmers
  • MM015
    A study on adopting customer centric approach a step
  • MM016
    A study on the customer retention strategies implemented
  • MM017
    A study on effectiveness of salesmanship
  • MM018
    Analysis of market potential
  • MM019
    Analysis of distribution point satisfaction
  • MM020
    Customer perception on credit cards: a comparative study
  • MM021
    A study on comparative analysis of share trading companies
  • MM022
    A comparative study on marketing attributes of fire safety product
  • MM023
    A study on dealers attitude in marketing
  • MM024
    A study on dealers satisfaction
  • MM025
    A comparative study on marketing attributes of home appliances
  • MM026
    A study on scope of freight forwarding in shipping industry and customer satisfaction
  • MM027
    A comparative study on customer relationship strategies adopted by major private credit card
  • MM028
    A study on growing health business
  • MM029
    A study on advertising effectiveness
  • MM030
    An analytical study on media impacts on share trading
  • MM031
    A study on customer service quality
  • MM032
    A study on retailer’s perception on telecom products and services with special emphasis
  • MM033
    Celebrity endorsement
  • MM034
    Need of financial advisers for mutual fund investors
  • MM035
    Brand evaluation for financial investment & customer satisfaction measurement
  • MM036
    Direct selling agency’s overview
  • MM037
    A study on market potential among buyers for used quality electronic products” undertaken
  • MM038
    A study on effectiveness of advertisement
  • MM039
    A study on effectiveness of brand positioning
  • MM040
    A study on investors perception
  • MM041
    Comparative analysis of companies in real estate sector
  • MM042
    A study on the perceptual mapping of four wheeler brands
  • MM043
    A study on factors influencing adaptability & usability
  • MM044
    A study on the perception of the potential customers