• CEM001
    Construction Projects Scheduling and Issues Related to Construction Scheduling
  • CEM002
    A Study on Causes and Effects of Change Order in Construction Industry
  • CEM003
    Material Management Through Inventory Control
  • CEM004
    Ranking of the Causes of Delay in Industrial Construction Project in Indian Context
  • CEM005
    Evaluation of Safety Performance Level in Construction Firms
  • CEM006
    To Study the Importance of Leadership in Construction Project
  • CEM007
    Material Procurement in Construction Industry- Problems and Solutions
  • CEM008
    Strategic Approach for Change Management Concept in Construction Project - A Case Study
  • CEM009
    Evaluation of Quality Management System by Implementing Quality Matrix in Residential Projects
  • CEM010
    Evaluation and Ranking of Cost Influencing Factors in Estimating of Residential Projects at Planning Stage
  • CEM011
    Study of Renovation Project using Building Information Modelling (BIM) - A Case Study
  • CEM012
    To Study the Factors Affecting Contractors Perspective in Risk Management
  • CEM013
    Factors Affecting Human Resource Management of Majaor Construction Firms
  • CEM014
    Exploring Waste to Minimize Waste in Construction Industry
  • CEM015
    Identification, Assessment and Allocation of Critical Risks in Real Estate Projects
  • CEM016
    Risk Analysis in Construction Industry
  • CEM017
    Safety Management in Construction Industry
  • CEM018
    Cost benefit Analysis of Construction Projects
  • CEM019
    Risk and Financial Management in Constrution Industry
  • CEM020
    Study on Factors Affecting Cost Escalation of Construction Projects
  • CEM021
    Case Study on Construction Projects for the Scope of Improvement of Construction Efficiency
  • CEM022
    Case Study on Advance Technologies in Construction
  • CEM023
    Study on Factors Affecting the Productivity and the Ways to Overcome in Construction Industry
  • CEM024
    Detailed Study on Safety System in Construction Industry
  • CEM025
    Investigation of Optimization of Risk Allocation in Construction Industry
  • CEM026
    Viabiality of Safety and Labor Conditions in Construction Sites
  • CEM027
    Life Cycle Management in Construction Industry
  • CEM028
    To Analyzing Inventory Material Management Control Technique on Residential Construction Project