• GBRZ001
    Auditorium Monitor and Control Using GSM Technology
  • GBRZ002
    GSM Based Multi Machine Industrial Controling System
  • GBRZ003
    GSM Based remote measurement of electricity and Control System for Home
  • GBRZ004
    GSM based AC or DC Motor Speed Monitoring and Controlling System
  • GBRZ005
    Industrial Parameter Monitoring and Controlling Using GSM and Web Server
  • GBRZ006
    Phase Preventer Through SMS Indication
  • GBRZ007
    GPS and GSM based college bus position informer for students
  • GBRZ008
    Bank Locker Secrity System Using RFID AND GSM Technology
  • GBRZ009
    Distribution Line Fault Detection &GSM Module
  • GBRZ010
    GSM&PIR Based Advanced Antitheft Security System
  • GBRZ011
    GSM Based Home Automation With Security System
  • GBRZ012
    A Wireless Vending Machine System Based On GSM
  • GBRZ013
    Industrial Automation With Feed Back Control System Using DTMF GSM Technology
  • GBRZ014
    SMS Based A.C MOTOR Control
  • GBRZ015
    GSM Based Motor Safety &Security System
  • GBRZ016
    GSM Based Industrial Fault Monitoring Detection System
  • GBRZ017
    Microcontroller And GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Control
  • GBRZ018
    GPS With Embedded For Fisherman Patrol System
  • GBRZ019
    Data logging of Solar panel and fault identification and intimation using GSM
  • GBRZ020
    Blue tooth operated three axis pick and place Robot
  • GBRZ021
    MEMS with ZIGBEE wireless based light ON/OFF with Automatic voice announcement System
  • GBRZ022
    Performance Analysis of Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • GBRZ023
    Efficient electricity energy management System Control by GSM & RFID
  • GBRZ024
    Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using Zigbee / Bluetooth
  • GBRZ025
    RF based Anti-hijack System for Aero plane / Train
  • GBRZ026
    Bluetooth based car locking and ignition control system
  • GBRZ027
    Low cost and high efficiency Smart HEMS by using ZIGBEE with MPPT techniques
  • GBRZ028
    Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based on ZIGBEE Communication
  • GBRZ029
    Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and Zigbee Authorization
  • GBRZ030
    Intelligent fire Monitoring using blue tooth technology
  • GBRZ031
    Monitoring Wind Turbine Using Wi-Fi Network for Reliable Communication
  • GBRZ032
    Motion Controlled Password System for Compact Embedded Systems using MEMS Sensor
  • GBRZ033
    Design and implementation of energy data collection system using wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) module and current transformer
  • GBRZ034
    RF communication based involuntary for substation System
  • GBRZ035
    Cryptographic Secured Communication between Army Stations
  • GBRZ036
    Remote Sensing and Control of an Irrigation System Using A Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
  • GBRZ037
    Microcontroller based Key finder by using RF technique
  • GBRZ038
    Wireless Water Distribution System
  • GBRZ039
    Smartphone-based industrial informatics projects and laboratories (IEEE 2013)
  • GBRZ040
    Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM
  • GBRZ041
    GSM and GPS Interface For Human Tracking System
  • GBRZ042
    Design of remote intelligent home system based on zigbee and GPRS technology (IEEE 2012)
  • GBRZ043
    Bus monitoring system based on zigbee and GPRS
  • GBRZ044
    Daily life activity tracking application for smart homes using android smart phone
  • GBRZ045
    Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles
  • GBRZ046
    Blue tooth Jammer for Security Application
  • GBRZ047
    Automatic ambulance rescue system
  • GBRZ048
    GSM based traffic density controlling system
  • GBRZ049
    GSM CDMA Cell Phone Jammer For Security and Silence with Digital Display
  • GBRZ050
    OTP-based secured banking system in android smart phones 
  • GBRZ051
    SMS enabled autonomous robotics for military applications 
  • GBRZ052
    Intelligent bus location informer using android smart phones
  • GBRZ053
    Real Time Security Guard Robot Using GSM/CDMA Networking
  • GBRZ054
    Industrial security system with android application alert 
  • GBRZ055
    Cell Phone Based total Car Controlling System
  • GBRZ056
    GSM based school van speed monitoring and control system
  • GBRZ057
    GSM based well-groomed information system for missing ATM cards
  • GBRZ058
    Smart attendance system using android
  • GBRZ059
    GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
  • GBRZ060
    Advanced automatic vehicle crash notification using GSM technology 
  • GBRZ061
    GPS based automatic station announcement and display system for trains/buses
  • GBRZ062
    Passenger Information System using GPS
  • GBRZ063
    GSM based E-doctor 
  • GBRZ064
    GPS and GSM based school kids van tracking 
  • GBRZ065
    GSM based enhanced production for heavy vehicle 
  • GBRZ066
    Real time passenger information system (RTRAIS) using Zigbee technology
  • GBRZ067
    GSM based gas leakage detection and alert system
  • GBRZ068
    Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and GPRS module
  • GBRZ069
    RFID based identification of ATM card loss
  • GBRZ070
    Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management
  • GBRZ071
    RFID access control system
  • GBRZ072
    RFID based attendance system
  • GBRZ073
    GSM based electrical appliances controlling system.
  • GBRZ074
    Unmanned toll taxi using RFID
  • GBRZ075
    Automatic measurement and reporting system of water quality based on GSM