• EMB001
    Automatic multiple transformer fault detection and protection System
  • EMB002
    On line temperature monitoring of power distribution equipment
  • EMB003
    Automatic power factor Controlling System
  • EMB004
    Energy Management and Warning System for Resident
  • EMB005
    Real time Monitoring and protection of coal conveyor using Microcontroller
  • EMB006
    crack detection system for railway network by using LDR sensor
  • EMB007
    Automatic Line fault detection in distribution side
  • EMB008
    Automatic load sharing for transformer
  • EMB009
    Conveyor automation with Dimension inspection
  • EMB010
    Voice based room light and fan Controlling System for physically challenged people
  • EMB011
    Automatic Plant Humidification for Textile Industries
  • EMB012
    Automatic gas pipe lining System for apartments
  • EMB013
    Remote distribution transformer Monitoring and Controlling System using F.M
  • EMB014
    Microcontroller based wireless Windmill Monitoring
  • EMB015
    Automatic Conveyor based rice batching Machine
  • EMB016
    Solar grass cutting machine for MNC and IT companies 
  • EMB017
    Micro controller based carbon monoxide level warning System
  • EMB018
    Controlling of transformer from substation
  • EMB019
    Touch screen based Light and Fan Control System
  • EMB020
    Automatic Vehicle overload alert System
  • EMB021
    Microcontroller based remote Controlled fan Speed Controller
  • EMB022
    Temperature Monitoring System in cupola furnace
  • EMB023
    Voice operated Home appliances Controlling System
  • EMB024
    Computing optimal scheduling of battery usage in embedded System
  • EMB025
    A PID Controller for Real Time D.C Motor Speed Control
  • EMB026
    Distance calculation for underground cable fault
  • EMB027
    Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
  • EMB028
    Automatic Moisture and Light Control System for Garden
  • EMB029
    Experimental study in Switching of solar cell using Microcontroller
  • EMB030
    Microcontroller based Automatic Power theft identifier
  • EMB031
    Energy Billing Through Power Line Carrier Communication
  • EMB032
    Bidirectional rotation of Single phase induction Motor using remote Control
  • EMB033
    ZIGBEE based wireless energy meter
  • EMB034
    Automatic attendance Monitoring and Light ON/OFF System
  • EMB035
    Real time Monitoring and protection of coal conveyor using Microcontroller
  • EMB036
    Automatic Line fault detection in distribution side
  • EMB037
    Electrical Power Generation System using Railway track
  • EMB038
    Measuring Power Supply Parameters with ZIGBEE
  • EMB039
    Hybrid Solar & Wind Power Generation System
  • EMB040
    Boiler automation with Digital steam Power plant
  • EMB041
    Horizontal Turbine Type Domestic Wind Mill
  • EMB042
    Microcontroller based multi-channel temperature Monitoring and Controlling System
  • EMB043
    Electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery
  • EMB044
    Blue tooth operated Mechanical Pick and Place Arm
  • EMB045
    Wireless ZIGBEE based power failure indicator to E.B
  • EMB046
    Sound based fire exchanger
  • EMB047
    Electrical Power Generation using steam Power Plant
  • EMB048
    A Robotic System for Underground Coal Mining
  • EMB049
    Multiple Power Generation from Solar energy, Wind mill and rain water
  • EMB050
    Wireless Transformer Monitoring System
  • EMB051
    Under Water Robot
  • EMB052
    Remote Controlled video analyzing bomb detecting Robot
  • EMB053
    Automatic sensor based wall painting Robot
  • EMB054
    Tread mill bicycle with Power Generation
  • EMB055
    Automatic Stair climbing Robot
  • EMB056
    Pick and Place Robot with Remote Control
  • EMB057
    Building an Autonomous Light Finder Robot
  • EMB058
    Dual Mode Stepper Motor Programmable Drive
  • EMB059
    Three Leg Inverter Based Single Phase Induction Motor Control Without Starting Capacitor
  • EMB060
    Street Light Fuse Blown Detection System From E.B Using Ism Band
  • EMB061
    Design Of A Monitoring System For Coal Mine Safety Using Wireless Sensor Network
  • EMB062
    Password Controlled Circuit Breaker To Ensure Electrical Line Man’s Safety
  • EMB063
    Smart Card Based Prepaid Energy Meter With Auto Cutoff System
  • EMB064
    A Human Detection Method For Residential Smart Energy System Based On Pir Sensor
  • EMB065
    Bluetooth Based Dc Motor Control Using Android Mobile
  • EMB066
    Complete self protection technology to minimize the failures of distribution transformer
  • EMB067
    Advance Disconnecting System For Unpaid Customer From E.B Using Phase Lock Loop
  • EMB068
    Micro Controller Based Programmable Tripper With Set/Load Current Monitoring System
  • EMB069
    Speed And Direction Control Of Dc Motor Using Mobile Phone
  • EMB070
    Multi Operation Of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Microcontroller ( With Out Contactor And Motor)
  • EMB071
    Wireless Power Transmission
  • EMB072
    Industrial Machine Fault Identification With Immediate Voice Feed Back
  • EMB073
    Automatic Power Failure Registration System From Customer End To Eb
  • EMB074
    Energy Saving Escalator System
  • EMB075
    Advance Detecting System For Industrial Power Misuse
  • EMB076
    Power System Analyzer With Fluctuation Recorder
  • EMB077
    Programmable Load Sheduling To Aviod Inrush Current Management System
  • EMB078
    Automatic Over Heat Controller For Machines
  • EMB079
    Multi Motor Control Using Pass Word
  • EMB080
    Automatic Distance Mearsurement And Braking System By Using Ultrasonic Waves
  • EMB081
    Remote Motor Star Delta Starter With Dry Run And Single Preventer
  • EMB082
    Stepper Motor Speed Controlling System Using Cell Phone
  • EMB083
    Automatic Autotransformer On Load Tap Changer
  • EMB084
    Wireless Speed Control Of D.C Motor
  • EMB085
    Industrial Over Voltage(Hv) And Low Voltage Controller (Lv) For Protection Equipments
  • EMB086
    Electrical Power Generation By Using Foot Step Mechanism
  • EMB087
    Optimal Power Management System By Using Solar And E.B
  • EMB088
    Design Of Battery Super Capacitors Combination In Uninterruptible Power Supply Ups
  • EMB089
    Microcontroller Based Fault Detection And Protection Of Induction Motors
  • EMB090
    Residential Micro Grid Schedulling Based On Smart Meters Data And Temperature Dependent Thermal Load Modeling
  • EMB091
    Solar grass Cutter with Automatic sun tracking System
  • EMB092
    Power Generation from sea water by MHD Power Generation method
  • EMB093
    CAN Based Energy Billing System
  • EMB094
    Non-Conventional Door based power generation System
  • EMB095
    Design Of Prototype Static Var Compensator
  • EMB096
    Pwm Based Single Phase Induction Motor
  • EMB097
    Voice operated Home appliances Controlling System
  • EMB098
    Microcontroller Based Voice Operated Machines
  • EMB099
    Microcontroller Based Conveyor Automation
  • EMB100
    Remote Controlled Ac/Dc Motor Speed Controlling System
  • EMB101
    solar powered thermo- electric refrigerator
  • EMB102
    Dc/Dc Converter With Solar Panel Pv Applications
  • EMB103
    Electrical Appliances Controlling System By Using Cell Phone
  • EMB104
    Microcontroller Based Phase Sequence Indicator And Controlling System
  • EMB105
    Ethernet Based Home/Industrial Automation
  • EMB106
    ZVS Based Lamp Life Extender
  • EMB107
    Thyristor Firing Angle Controller Based Industrial Battery Charger
  • EMB108
    Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker
  • EMB109
    Automatic Star Delta Starter for Induction Motor Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer
  • EMB110
    Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  • EMB111
    Ultrasonic Object Detection
  • EMB112
    Auto Power Supply Control System from 4 Different Sources (Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter) to Ensure No Break Power
  • EMB113
    Thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
  • EMB114
    Predefined speed control of BLDC motor
  • EMB115
    Non contact tachometer 
  • EMB116
    Micro hydro electric power plant 
  • EMB117
    Solar powered water weed Cutter Machine 
  • EMB118
    Automatic drip irrigation depends upon moisture using solar PV cell
  • EMB119
    Automatic car washing system by using IR sensor
  • EMB120
    Image based password authentication for security system
  • EMB121
    PLC based density based traffic signal system
  • EMB122
    Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
  • EMB123
    Touch screen based dancing lights
  • EMB124
    Vehicle safety speed controller under driver fatigue using eye blink sensor
  • EMB125
    Microcontroller based automatic weighing machine
  • EMB126
    Microcontroller based fire fighting AGV
  • EMB127
    Automatic gate open and close system by using PIR sensor
  • EMB128
    Automatic street light controller
  • EMB129
    Vehicle tracking using acoustic and view sensors
  • EMB130
    Microcontroller based mini-computer dictionary
  • EMB131
    A personal authentication based on IRIS recognition
  • EMB132
    Automatic mirror adjustment system for car by using sensor
  • EMB133
    Microcontroller based talking key pad for blind people
  • EMB134
    Automatic water overflow controlling system
  • EMB135
    Moving person place (MPP) detecting system
  • EMB136
    Automatic track guided vehicle (ATGV)
  • EMB137
    Speech recognition based locker security system
  • EMB138
    Automatic idli batter filling mechanism
  • EMB139
    Microcontroller based 3D led cube
  • EMB140
    Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train
  • EMB141
    Automatic shopping and billing in super market
  • EMB142
    Temperature and respiration monitoring system
  • EMB143
    Microcontroller based smart bike
  • EMB144
    Microcontroller based home automation with security system
  • EMB145
    PIR based human focus light movement
  • EMB146
    Ultrasonic based vehicle parking guidance system
  • EMB147
    Automatic electronic bus fare system
  • EMB148
    Bus identification system for visually impaired people
  • EMB149
    Automatic pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors
  • EMB150
    Microcontroller based device control and authentication by using RFID
  • EMB151
    Arduino based water level controller
  • EMB152
    Microcontroller based digital password car parking system for apartment.
  • EMB153
    Microcontroller based digital locking system (password) for two wheeler.
  • EMB154
    Automatic traffic controller for VIP vehicles and ambulance.
  • EMB155
    Modern water level controller using ultrasonic sensor without touch water 
  • EMB156
    Matix keyboard operated multi operation of universal motor 
  • EMB157
    Arduino based auto intensity control of street lights
  • EMB158
    Arduino based home security system
  • EMB159
    Arduino based temperature controller
  • EMB160
    Bluetooth controlled electronic home appliances in embedded system projects
  • EMB161
    solar panel tracking system using stepper motor
  • EMB162
    Automatic wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients
  • EMB163
    Keypad based simple electronic lock with microcontroller 
  • EMB164
    Wireless bus information system for providing blind people.
  • EMB165
    Microcontroller based automatic railways signaling system. 
  • EMB166
    Microcontroller based building security system.
  • EMB167
    Microcontroller based building security system.
  • EMB168
    Finger print based atm authentication and money management system 
  • EMB169
    Automatic fire safety system for fuel tank and engine 
  • EMB170
    Integrated home service network on intelligent intranet
  • EMB171
    Microcontroller based web camera positioning system 
  • EMB172
    Highway car accident identification and auto communication to patrol or hospital 
  • EMB173
    Finger print and bar code scanner based voting machine
  • EMB174
    Prepaid card for electronic bus fare system