• TDJ001
    Automatic pneumatic brick making die machine
  • TDJ002
    Tool and die design for deep drawing
  • TDJ003
    Tool and die design for bending tools
  • TDJ004
    Fabrication of Indexing jig for milling Fixture
  • TDJ005
    Indexing jig for drilling machine
  • TDJ006
    Tool and die design for trimming tools
  • TDJ007
    Universal tool grinding machine
  • TDJ008
    Pneumatic can crushing die machine
  • TDJ009
    Concave jig attachment for lathe
  • TDJ010
    Pneumatic injection moulding die machine
  • TDJ011
    Fabrication of electromagnetic moulding machine
  • TDJ012
    Design and analysis of press tool machine
  • TDJ013
    Design and fabrication of tool cutting force dynamo meter on lathe
  • TDJ014
    Tool and die design for progressive tools
  • TDJ015
    Fabrication of pneumatic bell crank press
  • TDJ016
    Eccentric punching die machine
  • TDJ017
    Auto Indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping machine
  • TDJ018
    Vacuum bag moulding die machine
  • TDJ019
    Tool and die design for combination tools
  • TDJ020
    Tool and die design for machine mould
  • TDJ021
    Fabrication of pneumatic pellet Press
  • TDJ022
    Tool and die design for forming
  • TDJ023
    Pneumatic mould making machine for gear wheel
  • TDJ024
    Fabrication of plastic crushing and moulding machine
  • TDJ025
    Automatic gear milling machine using proximity sensor
  • TDJ026
    Milling jig attachment for lathe
  • TDJ027
    Fabrication of automatic colour code sensing punching machine
  • TDJ028
    Design and fabrication of spring punching machine
  • TDJ029
    Universal tapping machine
  • TDJ030
    Tool and die design for automatic filling -hand mould tool
  • TDJ031
    Design and fabrication of sandwich Jig
  • TDJ032
    Tool and die design for automatic filling - vertical flow tools
  • TDJ033
    Tool and die design for blanking
  • TDJ034
    Design and fabrication of bar bending machine
  • TDJ035
    Pneumatic leaf cup die machine
  • TDJ036
    Reversible blanking dies
  • TDJ037
    Automatic fixer using sensor
  • TDJ038
    Fabrication of leaf jig
  • TDJ040
    Tool and die design for automatic filling - horizontal flow tools
  • TDJ041
    Punching machine using whit worth mechanism
  • TDJ042
    Paper cup making machine
  • TDJ043
    Design and Fabrication of forging machine
  • TDJ044
    Slotting attachment in drilling machine
  • TDJ045
    Design and fabrication of combination dies
  • TDJ046
    Fabrication of pneumatic drill jig
  • TDJ047
    Twin spindle drill holder
  • TDJ048
    Tool and die design for gravity mould
  • TDJ049
    Fabrication of mould making for table bush
  • TDJ050
    Manual operated pipe bending machine
  • TDJ051
    Gear cutting jig attachment for lathe
  • TDJ052
    Pneumatic bearing puller
  • TDJ053
    Automatic boring mechanism for foundry
  • TDJ054
    Design and fabrication of piercing dies
  • TDJ055
    Fabrication of chain hooks separator and pressing machine
  • TDJ056
    Tool and die design for compound tools
  • TDJ057
    Pneumatic slotting tool machine
  • TDJ058
    Hand operated plate bending machine