• ROB001
    SMS controlled video analyzing robot
  • ROB002
    Automatic paint spraying robot
  • ROB003
    SMS based alive human detector In affected areas/war fields
  • ROB004
    Human detection in robot search and rescue using PIR
  • ROB005
    Object tracking robot using image processing
  • ROB006
    Distance monitoring and object detecting robot
  • ROB007
    Visitor guided with material handling robot
  • ROB008
    Automatic lawn mover robot
  • ROB009
    Fabrication of path finding robot
  • ROB010
    Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • ROB011
    Fabrication of kinematic walker robot
  • ROB012
    Automatic steering control robot
  • ROB013
    PIR based human focus movement robot
  • ROB014
    Fabrication of fly car
  • ROB015
    AI based solar vehicle and coin based electronic bus conductor
  • ROB016
    Fabrication of Go-kart car
  • ROB017
    Fabrication of underwater robot
  • ROB018
    Automatic pick and place paint spraying robot
  • ROB019
    AI Based automatic path finding cum video analyzing robot
  • ROB020
    Solar operated automatic seed sowing vehicle
  • ROB021
    An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID technology
  • ROB022
    Fabrication of fire fighting robot
  • ROB023
    Wheel chair using eye shadow and touch screen
  • ROB024
    Remote controlled paint spraying robot
  • ROB025
    Fabrication of mini robot car
  • ROB026
    Simple leg walking mechanism
  • ROB027
    Voice operated intelligent mobile robot
  • ROB028
    IVRS based control of alive human being detector with voice feedback
  • ROB029
    Autonomous line tracking robot with obstacle avoidance
  • ROB030
    Remote controlled video analyzing pick and place robot
  • ROB031
    Accelerometer controlled robot using mobile phone
  • ROB032
    Fire fighting robot with auto dialer facility
  • ROB033
    Human eye robot (Model)
  • ROB034
    Intelligent oil skimmer robot
  • ROB035
    Automatic scrap collecting robot
  • ROB036
    Robotic Arm (pneumatic)
  • ROB037
    Automatic smart fobot for library
  • ROB038
    Fully Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
  • ROB039
    Wireless PC based voice based path control robot
  • ROB040
    Artificial intelligent based solar vehicle
  • ROB041
    SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system
  • ROB042
    Rescue robot for military purpose
  • ROB043
    Automatic fire fighting robot with visitor guided
  • ROB044
    Fabrication of bipedal walking robot
  • ROB045
    Fabrication of mechanical spider (waking robot)
  • ROB046
    Fabrication of quad bike
  • ROB047
    Fabrication of multi-purpose soldier robot
  • ROB048
    Smart tanker robot for security operations
  • ROB049
    Remote controlled bomb detecting robot
  • ROB050
    Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
  • ROB051
    Pick and place robot with remote control
  • ROB052
    Real time security guard robot using GSM/ CDMA networking
  • ROB053
    Fabrication of fire fighting AGV
  • ROB054
    Walking robot with hyper line tracker using IR sensors
  • ROB055
    Robot assistive limb for physically challenged people
  • ROB056
    Fabrication of automatic stair climbing robot
  • ROB057
    Fabrication of pneumatic ball printing robot
  • ROB058
    Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people
  • ROB059
    Man less defense multipurpose robot
  • ROB060
    Automatic vehicle accident Information system
  • ROB061
    Robot controlled vacuum cleaner
  • ROB062
    Fabrication of concrete spray robot
  • ROB063
    Automatic motorized arc welding robot
  • ROB064
    Pneumatic four (or) six axis material handling robot
  • ROB065
    Fabrication of wheel chair cum stretcher model
  • ROB066
    Automated prosthetic leg for physically challenged
  • ROB067
    SMS enabled autonomous robotics for military
  • ROB068
    Automatic human seeker robot with body heat scanner
  • ROB069
    Design and fabrication pneumatic brick handling robot
  • ROB070
    Image processing based PC inspection robot
  • ROB071
    SMS based automated guided vehicle
  • ROB072
    Remote operated weapons robot for military