• AME001
    Eye blink sensor based automatic bumper and breaking System
  • AME002
    Fabrication of automatic weighing and packing machine
  • AME003
    Two wheeler automation with security system
  • AME004
    Fabrication of anti theft steering system
  • AME005
    Motorized 3-axis electro chemical drilling machine
  • AME006
    Fabrication of semi automatic weed remover
  • AME007
    Fabrication of anti drown vehicle
  • AME008
    Automated prosthetic leg for physically challenged
  • AME009
    Automatic stair climbing wheel chair
  • AME010
    Fabrication of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • AME011
    Automatic double axis pneumatic JCB equipment
  • AME012
    Sensor operated Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • AME013
    Vehicle ignition using RFID and finger print sensor
  • AME014
    GPS based vehicle root tracking system
  • AME015
    Automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves
  • AME016
    Fabrication of pneumatic garage door opener
  • AME017
    90 degree turning steering mechanism
  • AME018
    Anti dazzling head light for two wheeler
  • AME019
    Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensor
  • AME020
    SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system
  • AME021
    Semi automatic wall plastering machine
  • AME022
    Automated over tank cleaning system
  • AME023
    Design and fabrication of Self balancing vehicle
  • AME024
    Automation of front plate assembly of rotary switch
  • AME025
    Design and automation of smart blind stick
  • AME026
    Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
  • AME027
    Automatic vehicle accident information system
  • AME028
    Automated side stands with breaking locking System
  • AME029
    Automatic break in hill station
  • AME030
    Automatic fire fighting cum material handling vehicle
  • AME031
    Wireless joystick operated machine tool for lathe
  • AME032
    Remote controlled handicapped wheel chair cum bed
  • AME033
    Electronic fuel Injection (EFI) system for two wheeler
  • AME034
    Automatic book reading aid for handicapped people
  • AME035
    Automatic engine oil alerting system
  • AME036
    Fabrication of automatic foot board break system for car
  • AME037
    Automatic foot dust cleaning machine
  • AME038
    Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone
  • AME039
    Engine cooling and fuel preheating using peltier element
  • AME040
    Joystick control wheel chair for physically challenged people
  • AME041
    Automatic agarbatti incense stick counting and packing machine
  • AME042
    Automatic paint spaying equipment
  • AME043
    Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
  • AME044
    Sensor operated automatic ramming machine
  • AME045
    Prevention kit for driving two wheeler without helmet
  • AME046
    Mine detecting hover craft with camera
  • AME047
    GSM based two wheeler security system
  • AME048
    Automation of steer-by-wire system for cars
  • AME049
    Automatic parking and breaking system
  • AME050
    Remote operated wireless crane control system
  • AME051
    Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
  • AME052
    Automatic packing control machine
  • AME053
    Design and fabrication of double axis drilling machine
  • AME054
    Automated paper cup feeding and making machine
  • AME055
    Sensor operated foot dust cleaner
  • AME056
    Fabrication of wall climbing robot (by using magnet)
  • AME057
    Hydraulic based emergency rescue ladder
  • AME058
    Potato peeling and slicing machine (automatic)
  • AME059
    Design and fabrication of modified sand muller
  • AME060
    Sensor fusion based vacant parking slot detection and tracking with RFID
  • AME061
    Fabrication of unaided automatic tri cycle
  • AME062
    Automatic colour code sensing punching machine
  • AME063
    Intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler
  • AME064
    Fabrication of remote operated weapon system
  • AME065
    Automobile dual side wiper system with mist control
  • AME066
    Fabrication of quantity based sorting machine
  • AME067
    Sensor based automatic water level sensing crane
  • AME068
    Punching machine using whit worth mechanism (Automatic)
  • AME069
    Accident avoiding system for punching machine
  • AME070
    Sensor based inspection conveyor
  • AME071
    Automatic board cleaner with vacuum dust cleaner
  • AME072
    Wheel chair using shadow and touch screen
  • AME073
    Sensor operated fire fighting AGV (Automatic)
  • AME074
    Automatic vehicle accident prevention system
  • AME075
    Automatic rain sensing window for home
  • AME076
    Electro hydraulic system for automation in vehicle
  • AME077
    Step climber planetary gear mechanism
  • AME078
    Automatic air delivered system based on density of oxygen in car cabin
  • AME079
    Automatic car parking system for apartment building
  • AME080
    Visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure inflation system
  • AME081
    SMS punching and riveting with accident avoiding system
  • AME082
    Fabrication and automation of vibro cleaning process in a typical die casting industry
  • AME083
    Fabrication of paper recycling machine
  • AME084
    Automatic car covering system
  • AME085
    Fabrication of electrode flux remover
  • AME086
    High efficient cooling system with help of BLDC motor
  • AME087
    Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
  • AME088
    Automatic voice controlled wheel chair
  • AME089
    Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
  • AME090
    Fabrication of automatic punching/printing conveyor
  • AME091
    Automatic gear changer in bicycle
  • AME092
    Automatic safety systems for Railway coaches
  • AME093
    Design and fabrication of automatic pneumatic printing press
  • AME094
    Automatic vehicle over loading alert system
  • AME095
    Automatic drunken drive avoiding with helmet locking system
  • AME096
    Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people
  • AME097
    Automatic emergency exit and tyre inflation system
  • AME098
    Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed
  • AME099
    Fabrication of Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
  • AME100
    Automatic steering control system for automobile
  • AME101
    Automatic boring mechanism for foundries
  • AME102
    Semi automated areca nut/coconut collecting conveyor
  • AME103
    Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle
  • AME104
    Fabrication of airbag automation
  • AME105
    Quick tool retrieval system for industry
  • AME106
    Mechanical can crusher with automatic feeding mechanism
  • AME107
    Automatic humidification system
  • AME108
    Integrated drunk and drive prevention system
  • AME109
    Automatic steering alignment system with head light dim/bright controller
  • AME110
    Automatic dish washing machine
  • AME111
    Fabrication of automatic shoe polishing machine
  • AME112
    Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
  • AME113
    Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
  • AME114
    Pneumatic auto feed drilling machine
  • AME115
    Design of automatic plastic separation module for municiple solid waste
  • AME116
    Automatic over load indication for bridge
  • AME117
    SMS based automated guided vehicle
  • AME118
    Fabrication of multi safety system in bumper
  • AME119
    Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
  • AME120
    Highways high speed sensing and automatic pneumatic braking system
  • AME121
    Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
  • AME122
    Automatic differential unit locking system
  • AME123
    Automatic speed breaker depending upon vehicle over speed control
  • AME124
    Automatic rain operated wiper and head light dim / bright controller
  • AME125
    Fabrication of button operated hydraulic jack
  • AME126
    Design and fabrication of Cam shaft operated automatic gear change for two wheeler
  • AME127
    Fabrication of three axis CNC milling machine
  • AME128
    Shaft driver bicycle with 2 speed automatic gear transmission system
  • AME129
    Automatic side stand retriever system for two wheeler
  • AME130
    Safety system to avoid accident when driver in sleep
  • AME131
    Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision