• AGR001
    Fruit ripener for farmers
  • AGR002
    Agricultural multipurpose robot
  • AGR003
    Solar operating automatic seed sowing machine
  • AGR004
    Fabrication of manual lawn mover
  • AGR005
    Automatic vegetable (or) lemon cutting machine
  • AGR006
    Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill
  • AGR007
    Fabrication of motor less weed cutter
  • AGR008
    Design and fabrication of engine operated tiller cultivator
  • AGR009
    Fabrication of groundnut thruster
  • AGR010
    Fabrication of seeds sprayer
  • AGR011
    Design and fabrication of hand operated fertilizer blender
  • AGR012
    Pedal operated agricultural water pumping system
  • AGR013
    Fabrication of rubber tree tapping machine
  • AGR014
    Fabrication of automatic lawn mover
  • AGR015
    Fabrication of mechanical seed crushing machine
  • AGR016
    Fabrication of solar water fountain
  • AGR017
    Fabrication of sun flower harvesting machine
  • AGR018
    Areca nut tree climbing and cutting robot
  • AGR019
    Fabrication of groundnut shelling machine
  • AGR020
    Pendulum based water pumping system
  • AGR021
    Automatic ginger cutting, feeding and drying machine
  • AGR022
    Fabrication of laminar flow water fountain
  • AGR023
    Fabrication of low cost sugarcane harvester
  • AGR024
    Fabrication of automatic Oil mill mechanism
  • AGR025
    Fabrication of groundnut harvester
  • AGR026
    Solar operated automatic seed sowing machine
  • AGR027
    Viability of used sunflower oil as a substitute for diesel
  • AGR028
    Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
  • AGR029
    Hybrid flour mixing machine
  • AGR030
    Fabrication of low cost harvesting machine
  • AGR031
    Pneumatic scissor jack for loading vegetables to lorry
  • AGR032
    Fabrication of paddy harvesting and threshing machine
  • AGR033
    Fabrication of multi utility agricultural vehicle
  • AGR034
    Fabrication of semi automatic weed remover in sugarcane farm
  • AGR035
    Automatic fault egg sorting machine
  • AGR036
    Automatic seeds weighing and packing machine
  • AGR037
    Fabrication of automated gardener
  • AGR038
    Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer
  • AGR039
    Solar seed dryer with auto tracking
  • AGR040
    Fabrication of banana fiber extracting machine
  • AGR041
    GPS guided modular design mobile robot platform for agricultural applications
  • AGR042
    Fabrication of Rotary Kaller
  • AGR043
    Automatic water level sensing crane for agricultural pump
  • AGR044
    Coconut tree climbing and cutting machine
  • AGR045
    Solar grass cutter with automatic tracking
  • AGR046
    Agricultural paddy cleaning system by using solar power
  • AGR047
    Universal cutter (specially for coconut and areca nut)
  • AGR048
    Automatic coconut cutting machine
  • AGR049
    Fabrication of coconut dehusking machine
  • AGR050
    Fabrication of paddy cleaner for agro seeds
  • AGR051
    Fabrication of role type agro sprayer
  • AGR052
    Semi automated areca nut collecting conveyor
  • AGR053
    Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing machine
  • AGR054
    Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
  • AGR055
    Power generation from organic waste of college canteen
  • AGR056
    Fabrication of solar vegetable air dryer
  • AGR057
    Fabrication of solar agro sprayer
  • AGR058
    Hydraulic 3 axis modern trailer for agriculture
  • AGR059
    Portable vegetable cutter and slicer
  • AGR060
    Agricultural motor pump running using solar power
  • AGR061
    Water pumping system using wind power
  • AGR062
    Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
  • AGR063
    Pneumatic 3 axis modern trailer for agriculture
  • AGR064
    Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
  • AGR065
    Fully automated potato chip slice making machine