• MAE001
    Under sea water robot
  • MAE002
    Automatic two ram hydraulic steering of ship
  • MAE003
    Fabrication of turbo jet engine with active magnetic bearing
  • MAE004
    Fabrication of totally enclosed life boat
  • MAE005
    Alternate fuel for marine engine
  • MAE006
    Fabrication of remote controlled hovercraft
  • MAE007
    Fabrication of aluminium sail boat
  • MAE008
    Fabrication of pneumatic steering for ship
  • MAE009
    Automatic accident avoiding system for ship by using obstacle sensor
  • MAE010
    Fabrication of pulse jet engine
  • MAE011
    Design and fabrication hovercraft
  • MAE012
    Cyclone separator with Blower
  • MAE013
    Fabrication of SMS controller air craft
  • MAE014
    Aero plane run way monitoring and checking system by using webcam
  • MAE015
    Remote controlled air craft
  • MAE016
    Aeroplane controlling system (model)
  • MAE017
    Compartment wise emergency exit in aeroplane
  • MAE018
    Design and fabrication solar hover bike (model)
  • MAE019
    Fabrication of mini Jet engine
  • MAE020
    Bio waste convert to bio gas using marine
  • MAE021
    Methanol fueled marine diesel engine
  • MAE022
    Remote controlled oil skimmer robot for marine application
  • MAE023
    GPS based ship navigation system
  • MAE024
    Air propulsion motor boats with remote control
  • MAE025
    Aero plane controlling system (Glider model)
  • MAE026
    Cargo carrier ship model
  • MAE027
    Acetylene powered jet engine
  • MAE028
    Design of a flight stabilizer system and automatic control using hil test platform
  • MAE029
    Formation and development of submerged air jets
  • MAE030
    Fabrication of mine detecting hover craft with camera
  • MAE031
    Lubrication oil cooing system for ship
  • MAE032
    Water fuel engine for mini boat
  • MAE033
    Fabrication of sub marine (Model)
  • MAE034
    Anti hijack systems for aeroplane
  • MAE035
    Refrigeration using waste heats from marine engine
  • MAE036
    Fabrication of combustion chamber for rocket engine
  • MAE037
    Solar powered remote controlled aircraft
  • MAE038
    Fabrication of marine engine model
  • MAE039
    Sea water converted to drinking water using solar power
  • MAE040
    Aero plane visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure inflation system
  • MAE041
    Silencer fabrication of centrifugal blower
  • MAE042
    Marine navigation and collision controller system
  • MAE043
    Fabrication of black box in aeroplane
  • MAE044
    Electro hydraulic steering system for ship
  • MAE045
    Fabrication of fly car
  • MAE046
    Aeroplane controlling system (Flying Model)
  • MAE047
    Fabrication of osmotic power plant
  • MAE048