• PRM001
    Design and fabrication of ball milling machine
  • PRM002
    Fabrication of air powered wheel chair
  • PRM003
    Portable packing machine
  • PRM004
    Double acting hack saw machine using scotch yoke mechanism
  • PRM005
    Remote controlled floor cleaning machine
  • PRM006
    Fabrication of paper recycling machine
  • PRM007
    Groundnut harvester with thresher
  • PRM008
    Pneumatic multi axis modern truck
  • PRM009
    Automatic oil mill mechanism
  • PRM010
    Pneumatic double axis excavator arm
  • PRM011
    Double drum wet grinder
  • PRM012
    Pneumatic road marking machine
  • PRM013
    Fabrication of power producing pendulum kit
  • PRM014
    Eccentric punching machine
  • PRM015
    Rim type pedal operated water pumping system
  • PRM016
    Pendulum based water pumping system
  • PRM017
    Accident preventing system in cutting machine
  • PRM018
    Automated paper cup feeding and making machine
  • PRM019
    Auto indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping machine
  • PRM020
    Fabrication of double axis eccentric mobile crane
  • PRM021
    Fabrication of abrasive jet machine
  • PRM022
    Semi automatic weed remover in sugarcane farm
  • PRM023
    Motorized radial sheet bending machine
  • PRM024
    Pedal powered reverse osmosis water purification system
  • PRM025
    Pedal operated vertical hack saw machine
  • PRM026
    Automatic colour code sensing punching machine
  • PRM027
    Pneumatic double side cutting time reduction in shaper
  • PRM028
    Fabrication of mini vertical Lathe
  • PRM029
    Semi automated wall plastering machine
  • PRM030
    Fabrication of hoisting and winch drum
  • PRM031
    Fabrication of motorized multi-engine compressor
  • PRM032
    High speed portable pipe cutting machine
  • PRM033
    Wireless joystick operated machine tool for lathe
  • PRM034
    Fabrication of rubber tree tapping machine
  • PRM035
    Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
  • PRM036
    Fabrication of plastic crushing and moulding machine
  • PRM037
    Fabrication of banana fiber extracting machine
  • PRM038
    Automatic foot dust cleaning machine
  • PRM039
    Motorized multipurpose excavator
  • PRM040
    Automatic paper cutting using geneva mechanism
  • PRM041
    Intelligent motorized wall painting crane
  • PRM042
    Fabrication of three axis electrical crane
  • PRM043
    Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
  • PRM044
    Automatic seeding machine
  • PRM045
    Remote controlled motorized zip crane
  • PRM046
    Pneumatic machining time reduction in shaping machine
  • PRM047
    Design and fabrication pneumatic brick handling machine
  • PRM048
    Semi automatic transfer machine in conventional industries
  • PRM049
    Automatic boring mechanism for foundries
  • PRM050
    Multipurpose sheet metal cutting and bending machine
  • PRM051
    Auto roll punching machine using geneva mechanism
  • PRM052
    Gear type Injection moulding machine
  • PRM053
    Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
  • PRM054
    Magnetic repulsive engine
  • PRM055
    Fabrication of axial piston pump
  • PRM056
    Conveyor for quality control machine
  • PRM057
    Vacuum conveyor for industrial application
  • PRM058
    Fabrication of motorized forging machine
  • PRM059
    Fabrication of mechanical spider (waking robot)
  • PRM060
    Electro-mechanical ladder
  • PRM061
    Fabrication of low cost sugarcane / rice harvester
  • PRM062
    Mechanical can crusher with automatic feeding mechanism
  • PRM063
    Pneumatic multi axis welding machine
  • PRM064
    Automatic transformer heat reduction system
  • PRM065
    Fabrication of eccentric pipe cutting machine
  • PRM066
    Vacuum bag moulding machine
  • PRM067
    Fabrication of loading and unloading crane for ship
  • PRM068
    Automatic water level sensing crane
  • PRM069
    Hydraulic clamping device with power pack
  • PRM070
    Punching machine using whit worth mechanism
  • PRM071
    Design of a drone for seed dropping (quad copter)
  • PRM072
    Metal declandaring machine
  • PRM073
    Mechanical dual can crusher
  • PRM074
    Fabrication of multiple wear testing machine
  • PRM075
    Two stage mechanical oscillator (water pendulum)
  • PRM076
    Water waste separator using belt conveyor
  • PRM077
    Fabrication of Indexing jig for milling fixture
  • PRM078
    Design and fabrication of conveyor automation
  • PRM079
    Fabrication of gear tooth grinding machine
  • PRM080
    Fabrication of coconut scraping machine
  • PRM081
    Tapping attachment in drilling machine
  • PRM082
    Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
  • PRM083
    Design of automatic embossing drilling machine
  • PRM084
    Fabrication of automatic shoe polisher
  • PRM085
    Fabrication of chip crushing machine
  • PRM086
    Eccentric shear cutting machine
  • PRM087
    Fully automated hydraulic crane
  • PRM088
    Fabrication of pepper thresher machine
  • PRM089
    Fabrication of mechanical seed crushing machine
  • PRM090
    Design and fabrication of semi-automatic road reflector stud installation machine
  • PRM091
    Fabrication of torsion (spring) testing machine
  • PRM092
    Fabrication of pedal washing machine
  • PRM093
    Contour turning attachment for lathe
  • PRM094
    Fabrication of pneumatic slotting machine
  • PRM095
    Low cost harvesting machine for agriculture
  • PRM096
    Fabrication of low cost sugarcane harvester
  • PRM097
    Fabrication of welding slag cleaning machine
  • PRM098
    Automatic open well cleaning machine
  • PRM099
    Fabrication of mechanical seed thruster
  • PRM100
    Design and fabrication of spring punching machine
  • PRM101
    Fabrication of pneumatic pellet press
  • PRM102
    Pedal operated drilling machine
  • PRM103
    Pedal operated wet grinder with cell phone charger
  • PRM104
    Fabrication of swirl gripper
  • PRM105
    Pipe inspection robot with wireless camera
  • PRM106
    Motorized triangular air compressor
  • PRM107
    Fabrication of sewage water treatment plant
  • PRM108
    Fabrication of coin separator machine
  • PRM109
    Pedal operated hydro pneumatic vice
  • PRM110
    Automatic gear milling machine using proximity sensor
  • PRM110
    Automatic gear milling machine using proximity sensor
  • PRM111
    Pneumatic double side cutter by using width work mechanism
  • PRM112
    Mini rice harvesting and threshing machine
  • PRM113
    Salt water converted to purified drinking water by using pedal power
  • PRM114
    Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing machine
  • PRM115
    Fabrication of Inspection conveyor
  • PRM116
    Three way motion for tool in ECM machine
  • PRM117
    Hydraulic operated sheet bend/bend removing machine
  • PRM118
    Automatic PVC pipe feeding and cutting machine
  • PRM119
    Special purpose machine for threading operation
  • PRM120
    Fabrication of multi-axis drilling machine
  • PRM121
    Design and fabrication of portable slotting machine
  • PRM122
    Fabrication of vacuum assisted wall climber
  • PRM123
    Button operated multi-speed gear box
  • PRM124
    Fabrication of pneumatic belt conveyor
  • PRM125
    Motorized high speed four way hack saw machine
  • PRM126
    Fabrication of electronic hack saw machine
  • PRM127
    Fuel processing technology to reduce emission
  • PRM128
    Fabrication of crane operated camera
  • PRM129
    Automatic rubber processing machine
  • PRM130
    Fabrication of pneumatic bell crank press
  • PRM131
    Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
  • PRM132
    Magnetic power transmission for machine
  • PRM133
    Low cost automated hot stamping machine
  • PRM134
    Automatic multi point grease gun
  • PRM135
    Automatic pneumatic gear Change
  • PRM136
    Coconut tree climbing and cutting machine material
  • PRM137
    Automatic work piece counting with belt conveyer
  • PRM138
    Pneumatic paper cup making machine
  • PRM139
    Fabrication of pedal operated air compressor
  • PRM140
    Hydraulic pipe bending machine
  • PRM141
    Dual side water pumping system by using scotch yoke mechanism
  • PRM142
    Fully automated chapatti making machine
  • PRM143
    Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
  • PRM144
    Automatic thread cutting machine by using cam mechanism
  • PRM145
  • PRM146
  • PRM147
  • PRM148